Day 9: Oberammergau

Today is Passion Play day. The passion play goes back into the 1600s and is basically the Easter story from Palm Sunday to the Ressurection. It takes six and a half hours and almost 2000 people to tell this story. Part 1 started at 9:30 am ended about 12:15 pm. Part 2 started at 3:00 pm and ended about 6:30 pm. It is very impressive. Recording of any kind is prohibited so you won't see any pictures of it here. What pictures I do have are some around the village shots of houses and general street scenes.

One of the decorated houses in the village.

Another of the typically decorated houses.

This is the main street of Oberammergau on a
wet and rainy afternoon.

Sometime not too long before the trip one of the first people to sign up became ill and it soon became apparent that she would not be able to make the trip. A couple of people on the trip were close friends of hers and the rest of us from Fairview United Church knew her because of her involvement with many aspects of our churches life. It had been noted by several people that there was a internet web site about the Passion Play with a webcam taking pictures of downtown Oberammergau. A study was done of how, when, where the camera was, and what it was taking pictures of. It was determined that a sign could be displayed at several times during the lunch break in the Passion Play that would allow the webcam to capture an image and our friend Joy could see it over the internet here in Brantford at 8:00 and 8:30 am. So, a sign was made and carried to the appointed place.

Here is the Webcam to take the picture. It was
located in the 3rd floor window of the main
bank branch in downtown Oberammergau.

This was the group as taken by me on video.
Taken just after 14:01 pm. local time.

The webcam view at approximately the same
time as the left picture.

The second try 30 minutes later.
(From a still photo.)

The webcam view of the second try. These 2
are not as close to each other as the ones as above .

As you can see the results were not too bad. Our friend Joy did see at least one of these on the day. The pictures stayed on the site for 2 hours each and then were replaced with new ones. I had hoped that Joy might get the chance to see this and the somewhat amusing video of the first try with everyone talking and having fun doing it. Unfortunately it wasn't to be as Joy died August 11, 2000. Those of us who knew her, even in the smallest way, will miss her especially Pete and Max Byerlay who visited her frequently in hospital and orchestrated this internet message to her.

We travel on to Liechtenstein and Lucerne tomorrow.

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Created: August 21st, 2000
Last Updated: August 21st, 2000