Day 8: Salzburg to Oberammergau

Todays line colour is purple and starts slightly right of lower middle and heads west to meet the brown line slightly left of lower middle. The name Oberammergau can be seen just to the right of the brown line just above the end of the purple line. This line is very close to the actual route. Many roads used this day aren't on this map.

Our first stop today is actually a road side rest stop on the way to "Swarovski Crystal Worlds" a strange place located in Wattens that's a bit like a museum but not really. To get here we cut across a small section of Germany and then back into Austria. In many of the groups opinion either the rest stop or Crystal Worlds could have been left out for more time in other places or an earlier arrival in Oberammergau. I agree. If we hadden't gone to Swarovski's I probably wouldn't have dropped my still camera which, with many thanks to bus driver Jelle for his help, continued to work for the rest of the trip. Besides that, the crystal prices really weren't any cheaper there according to most accounts. Groups choice (I think), leave the rest stop, dump the crystal.
After leaving Swarovski's we went on to Innsbruck for lunch. After that on to Oberammergau with lots of fine scenery along the way. Almost the entire route taken this day was a feast for lovers of alpine scenery. Many thanks to the planners of the route. From a scenic point of view this was probably the best one. Next best? Probably the next travel day. (Day 10). Yet to come.

Mountains, mountains and more mountains.

More mountains. Bus ahead is Rostad #2 Group.

More Mountains

Still more mountains.

Some of the houses.

Mountain and Clouds


Village, mountains, and clouds.

2 houses in middle of nowhere.

Rostad Tour #1 nearest and #2 furthest.

Linda saw me taking her picture. Seconds later
Jelle turns to see who she saw doing what.

This view is from the Swarovski parking lot.

Swarovski lot opposite direction

The Swarovski head (museum underneath).

Innsbruck street, golden roof glowing at end.
High in mountains above the roof were 10
hang gliders going round and round.

Closeup of golden roof.

A city in a valley with lots of window reflections.

Grant Wilkes being patriotic.

As we approached Oberammergau we stopped and met Rostad Group #2 to pick up the 10 lucky winners of the quizes to choose the ones who were going to stay in the hotel in the city with us. The rest of their group were in a hotel that was something like 15K out of town. Below is a picture of our hotel taken from their advertising brochure.

This is the Hotel Frisia. In non passion play years
it is a health spa with mud baths, swimming pool,
massages and all those things associated with
a spa. This may have been the best hotel on
the tour. Some of these services weren't available
while we were here. It even had a bowling alley.

Tomorrow the Passion Play.

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Created: August 21st, 2000
Last Updated: September 1st, 2000