Day 7: Salzburg

Contrary to what the itinerary said, today started with a bunch of watery encounters at Hellbrunn Palace. After that a mostly walking tour of the old part of Salzberg. As with many cities around the world the name has a meaning. With Salzburg the Salz part means salt as there was salt mining in this area and the burg part I can't remember about. It seems to me though that in the end it means something like the place where the salt is shipped out or something similar. I'm sure somebody who sees this will remind me what it means.

The tour hosts are dedicated hard working people who in our case got sick and tired of counting to 26 all the time. However one of ours went above and beyond the call of duty. He urged on by most of the people from both Rostad tours who were in this group at Hellbrunn Palace. See below....

The guide at Hellbrunn palace asked for volunteers.
Da Rev Crozsman was volunteered by most of the group.
The guide recommended sitting on the end stool.
Being of a suspicious nature Da Rev picked one of
the other stools. Witness the following......

Whoa what's going on here?!?!?!

Well look at that!!!

It's taller than me!!!
(Notice that there isn't any water coming out
of the end stool)

I'm getting wet!!!

That's cold and damp. To the applause of all Da Rev
returns to the group. *See below for the explanation of
this set up.
* Explanation for the table setup.

Apparently the owner of the palace had dinner parties
where people tended to drink too much. Dining protocols
of the time stipulated that the guests could not leave the
table until the host did. The host, who needless to say
sat at the end of the table, would squirt the guests
to sober them up and then make them sit there until he was
ready to let them leave the table. It must have led to some
interesting reactions from the guests.

A water powered music box. Over 100 of the
small figures move to music that sounds like a small organ.

More water. It may be difficult to see but water is creating
aches over this walkway. You could walk down it without
getting wet because the water landed on the grass on either
side. Almost everyone got wet at least once at Hellbrunn.

The Palace itself, which you don't get to go into.

After everybody dried out from Hellbrunn Palace we went on into the town/city itself. Here are some pictures from that part of the day.

The main street of the old city.

The back of Mozart's house. The front is on the
street in the previous picture and all but
impossible to photograph.
How to clean a window when it has a steel
grate over it. This is part of the Monestary.
Salzburg Cathedral. Music is/was such a big thing
here that there are 5 organs, 3 shown here, a 4th
to the right and a large one at the back.

A street scene in Salzburg.

The Salz river with the castle and old city on the
right side.

This is Mirabell gardens. A number of the
scenes from the song Do, Re, Me in the film
Sound of Music were shot here. It's very pretty.

Sometime during our stay in Salzburg I took several scenic pictures from my hotel room window. Two of these are of Hitler's famous Eagles Nest on a mountain overlooking Salzburg. The mountain is actually in Germany. It shows just how close to Germany you are when in Salzburg. The other 2 are mountains are in the same range with one being a small mountain village.

The mountain that Hitler's Eagles Nest is on.

The Eagles Nest itself.

Scenic mountain shot from hotel window. Building
in bottom is the hotel.
Small mountain village. Although not clear here
there is a church and a number of houses.

The final item in Salzburg was what the itinerary called "a musical concert". It turned out to be a performance of the opera The Magic Flute (by Mozart needless to say,) as performed by the Salzburger Marionetten theater. It uses marionettes to perform famous operas. Opera may not be the most interesting entertainment for most of us, but the uniqueness of this made it quite interesting.

This is the cover of the year 2000 program
for the theater. It shows one of the characters
from the The Magic Flute opera that we
saw. If your interested in finding out more
about them they have a web site at the
following address .

I imagine that this brochure is copyright by these
people so I won't dare show you any more
because I didn't ask if I could.

Tomorrow we head to Oberammergau.

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Created: August 20th, 2000.
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