Day 6: Vienna to Salzburg

Today we start in Vienna at the right end of the orange line heading. generally southwest. For reasons of clairity (and a technical one during the creation of the map) this line dosen't exactlly follow the route taken as most of the other lines do. The actual route goes through the letters 'en' of the word Vienna towards Krems and then swings back to the line at Melk. (You can see Melk just to the left of the word Vienna just above the orange line.) Further along, the road we actually took is just below the orange line in the section roughly between Linz and Salzburg.

Todays agenda started with a cruise on the Danube starting around Krems and going through the Wachau Valley. From there it was on to lunch at the Benedictine abby at Melk. From there on it was mostly driving on the Salzburg.

This is the cruise boat we were on for the Danube
Along the way we saw this church. Interesting
colours. The orange and biege combination is
widely used in this part of europe.
Churches and castles. Here is a small church. Not
as many here on the Danube as on the Rhine cruise.
View of the town of Melk from the abbey's
balcony. It was raining so we didn't stay long.
Another view with some of our people on the wet
balcony. Dam and locks on Danube centre right.
The only place interior photos were allowed was
in the church itself. This is the alter. Archtecturally
it's called some version of Rococo.

The dome from the inside.

Part of the ceiling.

The rear of the church.

Close up of ornate organ case at rear.

The exterior of the church. They like those yellows. The abby from the highway. Church to the left. The
rest is a monestery, and a school for the town run
by the monks who live and work here. There are
365 windows, one is washed each day of the year.

This abby has existed for over a thousand years. It has a very important place in Austrian history. One less important but interesting fact is that Melk Abby had a really important part to play in the historical development of the Trombone. Apparently a musician lived here, played it and made some important refinements in its design. Concerts were held here and the trombone was played which caused interest in it around other parts of Europe.

After leaving Melk there wern't any other major stops but the scenery starts to get interesting as the Alps start to come into view on the left and there is gently rolling farmland on the right. The Alps actually sort of sneakup on the left and all of a sudden there are some good size mountains there. As we approached Salzberg the soundtrack of The Sound of Music could be heard throughout the bus. Below are some pictures of the scenery as we approached Salzburg.

We arrived in Salzburg at about 6:00pm. Had trouble locating the hotel. Most evenings a get together was held by a group of tour participants. It was usually held in one of the rooms of the participants. For a number of really good reason these get togethers usually wern't documented. I attended my first one of these on the evening of this day mainly because it happened in the room just accross the hall from mine. (It was in mine the next night.) The only documentry evidence of these events are these 2 pictures.

Tomorrow our tour of Salzburg.

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Created: August 20th, 2000
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