Day 4: Prague to Vienna

Today we travel from Prague to Vienna. The line colour is yellow and we start in Prague (P partly blocked by the start of the yellow line) and heads to the southeast. The 'V' shaped dint in the line takes us to Talc. If you look closely (and your computer has a good monitor) you may be able to make out the 'alc' of Talc just to the right of the base of the 'V' shape.

There are not to many pictures for this section as there really wasn't that much to see except lots of countryside.
Here are a few of the few.

Talc is a small town in the south of the Czech
Republic that has been given special status by
UNESCO as a place to maintain the Czech
way of life. Money is available to maintain the
buildings the way they were in the past. It
also get money from the more and more
tourists (like us) who visit it each year to see
the Czech culture as it was in the past. Outside
the walls there's an interesting mix of past and
Znojmo is a fair sized town located just on
Czech side of the Austrian/Czech border. This
is a scene on the main road to Austria that
goes through the town/city.
I spotted these 2 containers as we drove
through Znojmo. I think there dumpsters
with faces on them. These wern't the only 2 I
saw like this. Maybe it's something we
should do to North American dumpsters to.
(Sorry for the graininess but it's a greatly
enlarged video frame.)

During the afternoons drive to Vienna we were offered the chance by Tour Manager and Bus driver (with the Tour Hosts concurrence of course) to take an evening tour to the Prater fairground where Vienna's Giant Ferris Wheel is located. After most of us had a ride, and after some heavy negotiations it was decided to make a quick stop at Vienna City Hall to take in part of the summer festival occurring there. Here are some photos of those events.

The Giant Ferris Wheel was built in the late 1800's,
was damaged in World War 2, and then rebuilt.
It was built for a short term exposition but the
Viennese really liked it so they kept it.Some specs:
Height: 64.75 metres, Diameter: 61 metres,
Total weight: 430.05 metric tons, Rotation speed:
2 feet 6 inches per second.
This is a view from near the top of the rotation of
the wheel. You go around once and stop at each
cabin so it can be unloaded and loaded. It was very
windy up at the top. This picture is taken from a
photograph and is much more accurate colour than
the one to the left below.

Here is a view taken as we came down from the
top. This is looking to the left of the image above.
This is a video frame and for some reason is very
This picture (taken from a video shot at about
10:30PM) shows the annual summer festival at
Vienna City Hall. Operas are shown every evening
on the video screen in the centre (many chairs and
benches setup) with outdoor restaurants and beer
gardens in the foreground.

One comment about Vienna. There probably aren't many cities in the world that would have a Summer festival that shows operas on a large video screen in front of the City Hall every night of the week for 2 months. This I think shows the very rich musical heritage of Vienna. After all, many composers like Strauss and Mozart spent long periods of their lives here. More tomorrow.

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Created: August 17th, 2000.
Last Updated: September 1st, 2000.