Day 3: Prague

All of day 3 was spent touring the sights of the city of Progue. We started at Prague Castle, continued with a luncheon cruise on the Viata River, and walking the oldest part of the city after the cruise. We had dinner at the hotel and we enjoyed an evening of Czech folklore.

Here is the daily changing of the guard outside the walls
of Prague castle.

This is a view of St. Vitus' Cathedral which dominates
the castle. It is a huge place as you'll soon see.

This is not the best picture but it shows the large size of
the cathedral. It has many stained glass windows like the
one shown here.

Here is a better picture of one of the
stained glass windows.

This is a picture of Prague Castle taken from the criuse
boat. It contains the offices for the Czech Republic
government. It has been government offices for
hundreds of years.
This is the oldest part of the city of Prague again taken
on the luncheon cruise.

This is the famous clock on the old town hall. It's
currently striking 1600 hrs (4 pm).

Here is a closer view of the figures in the top windows
of the clock. (Not the same 2 as in the previous shot.)

The 4 pictures above are from the Czech Folklore show called The Best of Czech Folklore, held at one of the Prague Hotels. The group presenting the show is called The Czech Song and Dance Ensemble. These people are, according to the ticket "the only Czech professional folklore ensemble". Videos wern't allowed accept for a large charge ($50 CDN approximately) but still photos without flash were. These 4 are digital stills taken with the video camera. They give you an idea of the type of things that happened in Czech culture of the past and into the present.

Prague is an interesting city with an old heritage. As you drive in and out of the city you are seeing modern development happening very quickly. There are things like large supermarkets and other western like things springing up almost as fast as they can build them. It can only be hoped that these things are not happening too quickly and proper planning is being done.

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Created: August 15th, 2000.
Last Updated: September 1st, 2000.