Day 22: New York City

For the last day of my trip I chose to take a Grey Line Sightseeing tour called the Manhattan Comprehensive. It is a fairly comprehensive tour around most of Manhattan Island. First some statistics: The island is 13 miles long and 2.5 miles wide at its widest point which if I remember correctly is at approximate 14th st. Around 5,000,000 people live on it and another 2,000,000 come onto it from the suburbs each working day. Because of the way a motor coach has to maneuver around the streets it was almost impossible to get many half decent photos. Here are some that didn't turn out too bad.

Cathedral of St John the Divine. Isn't finished.

40 ft across window.

A store in Harlem.

This is the location of an old night club called
The Big Apple. It's the place from where the
nickname for New York originated.

One street we were parked on for lunch had
this permit. The TV show Law and Order -
Special Victims Unit was going to shot here the
next day.

The next stop was the Statue of Liberty. It was
still cloudy and hazy even the next day.

Miss Liberty from Liberty Island.

Manhattan island from Liberty Island

Statue from the back. This is where you enter
if you want to go up inside.

A liberty cup. It is filled with a cold beverage
and drank with a straw (usually).

I'm departing Liberty Island. The other ferry is
going in to dock.

Miss liberty from the ferry.

Slightly different view from the ferry.

Manhattan Island from the ferry.

Liberty and Ellis Islands from the 107th floor of
tower 2 of the World Trade Centre.

Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan
island from W.T.C..

Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges over east
river. Isn't actually a river just an inlet.

Looking north. On a good day the Empire
State Building would be clearly visible. It is
probably the tallest dark line slightly left of
centre. Building far left W.T.C. tower #1.

Slightly clearer view looking north.

Reportedly the worlds largest bus terminal. The
Port Authority Bus terminal. It has 3 levels up
and 2 down and is a bit over 2 blocks long.

These are the last images recorded in any form from my holiday trip. Tomorrows trip home was not visually documented but a brief description of the 12.5 hour train trip home will be offered.

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Created: August 29th, 2000.
Last Updated: September 1st, 2000.