Days 21 Conclusion: New York City

After this mornings early arrival of the QE2, getting a cab, and getting to the hotel all by 10 am there was some time to do other things. Mind you even a short distance ride in a New York taxi can be an experiance especially during rush hour. I took the opportunity to walk the four blocks to Time Square and then to Rockefeller Centre. This is the home of NBC TV and Radio City Music Hall. Didn't get into either one but saw them. After quite a bit of walking I returned to the hotel and had a quiet evening. Here are some images taken later in day 21.

Rockefeller Centre. Skating rink in winter.

A dog sculpture made from plants. Big
Christmas tree in winter. NBC Today studio
directly behind the dog.

ABC news Good Morning America and 20/20
studio in Time Square.

The NASDAQ stock exchange on Time Square.
The whole wall is a large video screen.

A closer view of NASDAQ. Looks better the
further away you are. The squares are windows.

A large ad for British Airways Concorde. The
crash had occured 6 days earlier but they were
still flying at the time.

MTV studios on Times Square. Some big
celebraty was there. Big crowd on sidewalk.

An ad on Times Square.

Large stock and news tickers on side of building
owned by large brokerage firm.

Just a bit north of Times Square on Broadway
is the Ed Sullivan Theatre where the Late Show
with David letterman is taped each evening.

The brownish building in center is the hotel I
was staying in. The Novotel New York.

This is the same picture as above left. It also
shows the ticket both for last minute Broadway
show tickets to the left side.

A steam chimney. A common sight in NYC. It
is used to vent steam from leaking central steam
heating pipes underground.

Two NYC icons. Macy's 8 floor 2 block store
and the Empire State Building several blocks
further down the street.

Another NY icon Madison Square Gardens.

The QE2 leaving NYC for its return trip to
Southhampton, England. Approx. 6PM EDT.

The view from my hotel room.

Evening in Times Square.

A closers view of evening in Times Square.

A still photo of night in Times Square from hotel.

The evening in Times Square pictures were taken on the evening of Day 22 not 21 but it worked better to place them here as there aren't any other pictures of Times Square. The night picture was taken on Day 21.

Tomorrow on the last day of the trip I took a Grey Line tour called the Manhatten Comprehensive.

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Created: August 29th, 2000.
Last Updated: September 1st, 2000.