Day 2: Wurzburg to Prague

Day 2's travel is shown starting starting in Wurzburg (where the red line meets the light blue line)
and heading along the light blue line to Prague.

A typical day would start at with a wakup call at 6:30 or 7:00am with breakfast 45 minutes later and a departure time of 45 minutes after that. I think most people ended up needing more than that.

Most of the group during the morning break stop
which it seems to me took place around lunch time.

The main road to Prague from Germany is 2 lanes and
very busy. It goes through the village we stopped in
which I think is called Weiden in der Oberplatz.

The first city you encounter in the Czech Republic is
Pilsen where they make Skoda cars. It is also known
for a brewery called Pilsner Urquell where we had
lunch midafternoon. The photographer is Olga and the
group is Peter Doran, Brenda, Randy, Beth, and
Max & Pete Byerlay

One of the group (Tony Doran) having fun.

On the way into Pilsen we encourntered this building
with funny marks on the side. Some thought bullet
holes but nobody seemed to know.
When driving in the Czech Republic you see this billboard
quite a bit. Can you guess what it's for? Answer below.
If you know, don't tell!

Here we as arrive arrive in Prague we cross the Vlata
River (sometimes known as the Moldovia River).

Another shot of Prague as we arrived at about 5:30 pm.

What was the billboard for? Mattoni carbonated bottled water. We had it for supper each evening because we wern't supposed to drink the tap water here. This was the only stop on the tour that this problem existed. The water didn't impress me much.

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Created: August 15th, 2000.
Last Updated: September 1st, 2000.