Day 14: Frankfurt Airport and Onward

This morning we leave Hockenheim on our way to Frankfurt airport. It was also the last time the tour hosts have to count to 26. On the map it is the black line that closes the circle started two weeks ago.

We left about 8:30am and arrived at about 10:15. Goodbyes were said and everyone went to find their appropriate airline checkin counters. In the end it turned out to be just 2 places one for Air Canada, and Luthansa for the rest. Of those going elsewhere as best as I know 5 went to England, 2 went to Holland, and 2 went to Spain. Except for a minor problem with security the main group got away on time. Those of us going to England watched the Air Canada 747-400 leave while waiting for our plane which arrived from its previous destination about 30 minutes late. We made it to London Heathrow just slightly late and said our goodbyes and went on. In my case it was the Sheraton Skyline at Heathrow Hotel where I spent the rest of the day watching planes taking off from Heathrow Airport. (A fasination of mine.) You see almost every major international airline when at Heathrow so it can be quite interesting.

With the compleation of the Rostad tour I'd like to say thanks to all involved for a good time. Special thanks to Annemarie, and bus driver Jelle for getting us in and out of many tight spots and for his "black electrical tape fixes everything" camera repairs at Swarovski's. Thanks as well to Randy and Brenda for counting to 26 as many times as they did.

Here is the official photo of the group missing only the bus driver Jelle. This was taken at Heidelberg Castle in front of the burned out part. At great risk I will try to name all the people in the picture below it.

Well here we go:
Front row: Bev Doran, Joyce Neddow, Linda Posthuma, Lynn Doran, and Betty Renout.
2nd row: Margaret Petrone, Shirley Elliott, Barbara Wilkins, Peter Doran, Maxine Byerlay, Jennie Illes, Grant Wilkes.
3rd row: Brenda Heisler, Rev. Dr. Randy Crozsman, Tour Manager Annemarie ?, Connie Wilkes, Pete Byerlay, Tom Posthuma, Jack Lancaster, and Les Attwood.
Back row: Dave Lancaster, Norma Lancaster, Brett Crozsman, Heidelberg Tour Guide, Barb Eddy, Olga Stone, Tony Doran and Beth Crozsman.

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Created: August 26th, 2000.
Last Updated: September 1st, 2000.