Day 13: Hockenheim - Rothenburg - Heidelberg

On todays final day of touring our line colour on the map is Dark Blue. Rothenburg is a 2 hour drive (each way) to the east and then retracing our route almost exactly we went back to Heidelberg which is only 20 - 25 K north of Hockenheim. Then back to Hockenheim for a wine tasting and the closing festivities of the tour.

Rothenburg is (according to Rostad's itinerary) "the best preserved and most picturesque of medieval towns in Germany". One of of it's big attractions was a Christmas store selling Christmas supplies. There's one like it in Frankenmouth Michigan apparently. There's a clock that strikes (like Prague) and it's pretty. Heidelberg is some different. It's difficult to explain. The famous castle is mostly burned out. It was hit by lightning 4 or 500 years ago, caught fire, and burned for 4 days. It's big attraction seems to be a large 261,238 litre wine barrel (impossible to photograph) that may explain why almost everyone who lived there died from excess drinking (consumption). After Heidelberg we returned to Hockenheim for the evenings festivities.

A street in Rothenburg.

Mechanical teddy bear on second floor of a
teddy bear store blowing bubbles.

Central square of Rothenburg.

Clock in square striking 11am. Figures in
windows didn't move on this clock.

One of many gates in city wall from inside.

Same gate from outside.

Bus driver Jelle and Tour Manager Annemarie.

Jelle beating with the rhythm on the music on the
drive from Rothenburg to Heidelberg.

Now he's whistling to the music.

Heidelberg from the castle.

The 2 holler leu. You had a seat and whatever
you left behind ended up in the moat below.

A building in Heidelberg's central square.

Another part of the central square.

The post card picture of Heidelberg.
(At least from the same spot.)

The evening activities consisted of a Wine tasting, the dinner meal, a brief communion service (it's Sunday), and the closing festivities of the tour. Here is some of that.

Brett E. Crozsman of Brantford on the wine
glasses playing Do, Re ,Me.
There were no birthdays on the tour but Tom
and Pete came closest. Total age 110 years.
In the picture at left Peter and Bev Doran, Beth
Crozsman, and Barb Eddy composed a song I
call the Ode to Crozsman 0007. (I don't know
what they called it.) It was based on the song
My Favorite Things from The Sound of
Music. Our apologies to Rodgers and
Tony and Lynn Doran composed a poem
about tour Crozsman 0007.
Grant Wilkes trying to explain when it was he
drove a truck in the Alps. The alps region of
Waterloo that is.

To further explain the last picture, the tour hosts had asked each person for some statement about themselves that could be used to identify them. These were read out each day and there was an ongoing competition to find out who each one might be. Grants was that he had driven a truck in the Alps.

Everyone had a good time at this evenings activities and appropriate thanks to the tour hosts should be given.

Back to Frankfurt airport tomorrow. Home for most but onward to other destinations for others.

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Created: August 26th, 2000.
Last Updated: September 1st, 2000.