Day 12: Lucerne to Hockenheim

Todays colour is light green and we started in Giswil and headed back to Lucerne and then mostly north from there. Hockenhein is located where the light green, dark blue and black lines meet. With good eyes you may be able to see the name just above the dark blue line just below Heidelberg.

The stops along the way this day were few. The first was at a truck/gas stop just before the German border. It was different in that it was built with stores over the highway with gas stations and parking on either side. Change leftover Swiss francs to Deuchmarks. Once back in Germany the only other stop was at a store that sells cuckoo-clocks near Freiburg. I didn't buy one and didn't take a picture of the large clock on the side of the building ether. My loss. After this we went on to Hockenheim.

A quiz: What is Hockenhein famous for? Answer at the bottom of the page.

This cluster of 3 pictures are all that I seem to
have about this days travel. These pictures show
what the area is like as you move north into the
Black Forest area of Germany. I'm not exactly
sure but I don't think that we are actually in the
Black Forest when these were taken. These do
look much like it though.

Answer to Quiz.

What is Hockenheim famous for?
Located just outside Hockenheim is a Formula One car racing track that hosts one of the important races of the Formula One season each year.

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Created: August 26th, 2000.
Last Updated: September 1st, 2000.