Day 10: Oberammergau to Lucerne

Todays line colour is Brown. First we stop at Weis to see a church. Then on to Neuschwanstein, the famous castle that Walt Disney patterned his famous 'Magic Kingdom' castles after. Then a lunch stop in Liechtenstein, at later afternoon stop in Einsiedeln , and on through Lucerne to our hotel in Giswil Switzerland. (You can just make out the name Giswil below where the brown and bright green lines meet. You can make out the 'Luc' of Lucerne just to the left of the bright green line by BERN. Lucerne is actually located at the point on the brown line roughly where the bright green line turns left.)

Weis church is claimed to be the best preserved example of Rococo architecture in Europe. It certainly is different. Unless you have a lot of time (and you don't on these tours it seems) you don't get a close look at Neuschwanstein castle. You don't even get to see the view in the tourist books. That is taken from a mountain on the other side. Liechtenstein is its own country but comes under Switzerland's jurisdiction. Lucerne has become quite touristy but there is still something about it that draws people to it. Giswil is on the road from Lucerne to Interlaken and it takes 25 min to get to Lucerne from it. So we didn't exactly stay in Lucerne.

The Alter of Weis church.

Ceiling above alter.

Painting on ceiling. One of many. Ceiling is flat
but painting gives illusion of a dome.

The organ pipes.

What we got to see of Neuschwanstein. Castle
is on the hill just to the right of upper centre.

The castle with a zoom lens. Tourist brochure
picture is taken from that mountain behind it.

We saw many houses with rocks on the roof
like this. There used stop snow slides in winter.

A lake along the way.

A larger lake. A high waterfall in centre but
can't see it here.
A city (unknown) in a valley (also unknown).

Einsiedeln downtown.

Monestary in Einsiedeln

Some mountain scenery along the way.

View from my hotel room in Giswil. Lucerne is
straight ahead slightly to the right behind Mt.
Pilatus. Screen was an outdoor theatre for
Giswilites for the summer.

We arrived at Giswil at about 6:30 PM. In the last picture above you may be able to make out a small lake with a hazy mountain behind it. Behind that is an even hazier mountain which is Mount Pilatus. When we arrived the mountain was mostly visible but the top was in clouds. We are supposed to go up there tomorrow. As the evening progressed and the sun set the clouds cleared on top the mountain and hopes were great for the next morning.

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Created: August 23rd, 2000
Last Updated: September 1st, 2000