Day 1: Frankfurt to Wurzburg

Day 1's travel is shown on the map below in red. Start was in Frankfurt and went west almost to Koblenz then back by the same route to Frankfurt and then on to Wurzburg where the red line meets the light blue line.

The main event on todays agenda was the cruise on the Rhine River. After that was completed we retraced our route to Frankfurt and then on the Wurzburg.

Here we are departing Frankfurt Airport heading for
our Rhine Cruise after an early arrival from an overnight
flight from Toronto.

Our first stop was at Bingen am Rhein where we boarded
our boat for our Rhine Cruise.

There are many churches and castles along this section
of the Rhine. Here are 1 of each, church in foreground
and castle on hill in background.

Here is another castle and church together.

HEY Wait, one of our group is still on the boat!
Randy and Anna Marie discuss what to do. Solution:
Go across the river on a ferry to where the boat is
going, collect the missing person and return. Happened surprisingly fast. We also encountered that other Rostad group for the first time.

The rest of the day was uneventful and we arrived
at our first Hotel in Europe a very tired group. It did seem somewhat odd to me that we ended up driving all the
way back to Frankfurt, right by the airport and on to Wurzburg. It worked ok though.

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Created: August 16th, 2000.
Last Updated: September 1st, 2000.