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2012 appears to be the year of the cruise. This trip is the first of two scheduled for 2012 with the second planned for October/November going from Boston to Valparaiso, Chile. More about that one later. This cruise starts in Singapore and heads west ending at Southampton, England some 34 days later. The map below shows the cruise which takes place on the Cunard liner Queen Elizabeth.

Cruise Map

The entire trip lasts 38 days starting on Wednesday, March 21st and concluding on Friday, April 27th. This cruise is actually the last two segments of the Queen Elizabeth's 2012 world cruise. By the time I get on it will be day 74 since it departed Southampton, England January 10th on this 108 day cruise. The day I actually board the ship is Saturday, March 24th as there are several days prior to allow for travel and the 12 hour change in time between home and Singapore.

One of the things that I usually do on this page is to thank the people and companies for their efforts. Since this part of this page is being written prior to the trip it seems somewhat premature to thank many people. There is one who can be thanked and that is Colleen Renton of Goligers TravelPlus in Brantford. No matter what happens with the trip Colleen has done a great deal of work just to get it to this stage and a big "thank you" is required just for this. Hopefully there will be some additional thank you's to come after the trip and those will appear either here or at the end of the trip pages (almost seems to make more sense does it not?).

Here is the other thing that I usually include on this introductory page of a trip and that is the calendar of what is planned to happen when. This is always subject to last minute change but this is the way it was planned at this point approximately five weeks from departure. As in the past this calendar acts as the index for the rest of the trips pages. Click on the link of the one you want to see and you will go there.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  March 21
Trip Day 1

Depart home for
Singapore via Toronto,
and Hong Kong.
March 22
Trip Day 2

Arrive Hong Kong
and depart
for Singapore.
Arrive Singapore
11:45 PM
March 23
Trip Day 3

Free day
in Singapore
March 24
Trip Day 4

Board ship
in Singapore.
(Mid afternoon)
March 25
Trip Day 5

First stop on cruise.
Port Kelang, Malaysia for Kuala Lumpur.
March 26
Trip Day 6

Penang, Malaysia

March 27
Trip Day 7

Phuket, Thailand
Langkawi, Malaysia

March 28
Trip Day 8

Cruising the
Bay of Bengal
March 29
Trip Day 9

Cruising the
Bay of Bengal
March 30
Trip Day 10

Sri Lanka
March 31
Trip Day 11

Cochin, India
April 1
Trip Day 12

Cruising the
Indian Ocean.

(Palm Sunday)
April 2
Trip Day 13

Mumbai, India.

Start of Taj Mahal
Shore Excursion.
I fly from Mumbai to
New Delhi
and by bus to Agra.

Overnight in Agra, India.
April 3
Trip Day 14

Ship is sailing the Arabian Sea.

I am in Agra at the
Taj Mahal
Agra Fort.

Overnight in Agra, India.
April 4
Trip Day 15

Ship continues sailing the Arabian Sea.

I start in Agra and
return to
New Delhi
in the afternoon
for a tour.

Overnight in
New Delhi, India.
April 5
Trip Day 16

Ship arrives in
Dubai, U.A.E.

I fly from
New Delhi, India
Dubai, U.A.E.
for a short tour of Dubai
and to
to rejoin the ship.
April 6
Trip Day 17

Muscat, Oman.

(Good Friday).
April 7
Trip Day 18

Cruising the
Arabian Sea.
April 8
Trip Day 19

Cruising the
Arabian Sea.

(Easter Sunday)
April 9
Trip Day 20

Cruising the
Arabian/Red Seas.
April 10
Trip Day 21

Cruising the
Arabian/Red Seas.
April 11
Trip Day 22

Safaga, Egypt
Luxor/Karnak Egypt.
April 12
Trip Day 23

Cruising the Red Sea.
April 13
Trip Day 24

Aqaba, Jordan
(for Petra, Jordan).
April 14
Trip Day 25

Sharem el Sheikh,
April 15
Trip Day 26

Transit of the
Suez Canal.
April 16
Trip Day 27

Alexandria, Egypt.
April 17
Trip Day 28

Cruising the
Mediterranean Sea.
April 18
Trip Day 29

Piraeus, Greece
(for Athens).
April 19
Trip Day 30

Cruising the
Mediterranean Sea.
April 20
Trip Day 31

Civitavecchia, Italy
(for Rome).
("Cruising" took
extra day due to
weather problems
at Piraeus.)
April 21
Trip Day 32

Monte Carlo,
(Cancelled due to
time problems.
April 22
Trip Day 33

Cruising the
Mediterranean Sea.
April 23
Trip Day 34

Cruising the
Mediterranean Sea.
April 24
Trip Day 35

April 25
Trip Day 36

Cruising the
Atlantic Ocean.
April 26
Trip Day 37

Cruising the
Atlantic Ocean.
April 27
Trip Day 38

Arrival in
Southampton, England
and the
flight home.

And so without any further adieu on to the trip!!!!!

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