Cunard Cruise 2012
Trip Day 32
Saturday, April 21st
Monte Carlo, Monaco

Today's port of call is Monte Carlo, Monaco. The coarse to Monte Carlo has to go right past where the now infamious Costa Concordia had its "incident" in January 2012. I am sure the ship will take a route that avoids that spot by a wide margin.

As I write this the time in Monte Carlo is 6 hours ahead of home (same as Rome) and is in what is known as Central European Time or CET. By the time I get there they will be on CEST which stands for Central European Summer Time which, as in most places, one gains an hour for "summer (or daylight) time" (as we do) so the difference will still be 6 hours from home.

Since did Monte Carlo on my last cruise (along with one time prior to that a long time before) there were not many choices for shore excursions for this day. However I decided on one which is called "Walking the Principality". It is scheduled to depart at 8:35 am and last 4 hours (perhaps the shortest on on this cruise).

Here is the description:

The highlights of the Principality of Monaco and the Old Town of Monte-Carlo are best explored on foot.

Monaco is one of Europe’s smallest independent states where the rich are free to flaunt their wealth and where one of the ‘must-have’s’ is a yacht berthed in La Condamine harbour. The upper part of Monaco stands 200 feet above the shore, and drops perpendicularly to the waves below on almost all sides. Your guide will show you the highlights of Monaco-Ville, including the narrow alleys of the Old Town and the exteriors of the Prince’s Palace and the Cathedral, where Prince Rainier married Grace Kelly and where they are both now buried.

Monte-Carlo is the epitome of glitz and glamour, where fortunes have been won and lost on the roll of a dice. Life in Monte-Carlo revolves around three nerve centres; the Casino, the Hotel de Paris and the Café de Paris. The stunning Casino is surrounded by beautiful gardens; this area is a favorite haunt of the rich and famous.

Enjoy some free time to browse the exclusive boutiques, shop for a souvenir of your visit or perhaps relax in one of the chic cafés and watch the world go by.

As always there are some additional notes and here those are:

Note: This tour involves approximately three hours’ total walking and standing including steep steps, streets and paths. Flat, comfortable shoes are recommended, a hat, bottle of water and sunscreen. Modest dress is required if visiting the interior of the Cathedral. No entrance fees have been included in this tour.

So, this is the plan for this day.

What actually happened!!!

Soon to come!!!!

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