Cunard Cruise 2012
Trip Day 31
Friday, April 20th
Civitavecchia, Italy
for Rome

Today's port of call is Civitavecchia, Italy for Rome.

As I write this the time in Rome is 6 hours ahead of home and is in what is known as Central European Time or CET. By the time I get there they will be on CEST which stands for Central European Summer Time which, as in most places, one looses an hour for "summer (or daylight) time" so the difference will be only 5 hours from home.

Since I have done Rome quite thoroughly over several visits here over the years there were not many choices for shore excursions for this day. However I decided on one which is called "Glories of the Gladiators". It is scheduled to depart at 7:30 am and last 10 hours.

Here is the description:

If the ecclesiastical aspects of Rome are not for you, why not tread in the footsteps of a Gladiator.

Your first stop will be the ‘Mouth of Truth’, which according to legend, the hands of liars will be cut off when placed in the mouth of the world famous mask of marble.

Journey back to the days of the Gladiators with a visit to the incredible Colosseum. See the hundreds of rows of marble seats accommodating up to 55,000 spectators. Subterranean passageways lead to holding chambers for competitors, animals and equipment and the 76 numbered entrances to allowed access for the eager crowds.

A short stroll from the Colosseum leads you to the Roman Forum. See remains of the Senate buildings, where decisions affecting the entire Roman Empire took place. Pass by the old market town, where food stalls and brothels once stood. This area would have been a hive of activity following a Colosseum event.

From the ruins of the ancient city, you will walk to Piazza Navona. This charming square exudes a relaxed atmosphere and features beautiful architecture. You’ll have free time in which to explore the treasures of Rome independently.

As always there are some additional notes and here those are:

Note: A comfort stop will be made en-route as toilet facilities upon arrival at the Colosseum are very limited. There is a considerable amount of walking on this tour. Flat, comfortable shoes are recommended. Although there may be a queue to enter the Colosseum with your group, this will be considerably shorter than if visiting independently. Luncheon has not been included to allow maximum flexibility. The afternoon is unguided; please take note of the return meeting point and time.

So, this is the plan for this day.

What actually happened!!!

Soon to come!!!!

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