Cunard Cruise 2012
Trip Day 29
Wednesday, April 18th
Piraeus, Greece
for Athens

So I am back in Piraeus, Greece and Athens after two visits here on the last cruise.

As I write this the time in Athens is 7 hours ahead of home and is in what is known as Eastern European Time or EET. By the time I get there they will be on EEST which stands for Eastern European Summer Time which, as in most places, one looses an hour for "summer time" so the difference will be only 6 hours from home.

Since I did Athens rather thoroughly the last two times I was here there were not many choices for shore excursions for this day. However I did find one that I had thought I would like to have done when I was there before which is called "Ancient Corinth and Canal Transit". It is scheduled to depart at 8:00 am and last 8½ hours.

Here is the description:

Do not miss this opportunity to sail along the amazing Corinth Canal and visit Ancient Corinth with its 6th century Temples.

In the days of St. Paul, Ancient Corinth possessed a forum larger than Rome, with temples, theatres, baths, shops and basilicas. See the remains of the beautifully-paved Lechaion Road and 6th century BC Doric Temple of Apollo. A visit will be made to the Museum, which houses some of the finds from the site.

The Corinth Canal never fails to impress. Four miles long, 75 feet wide and 26 feet deep, it represents a great feat of engineering. An unforgettable sight, the Canal separates the narrow causeway joining the Peloponesse to the mainland.

The highlight will be the Canal transit. Boarding a boat, you will travel serenely through the Canal, with the walls rising sheer on either side. Depending on Canal traffic, the trip through the Canal may be made twice, and if that is the case you will return to the original starting point. There may be a short wait whilst queuing to enter the Canal.

A buffet luncheon including wine and coffee is included. There will be a short time available for shopping in the area outside the site of the Ancient Corinth.

As always there are some additional notes and here those are:

Note: The site of Corinth has uneven pathways and some steps to be negotiated. Comfortable non-slip shoes are recommended. Please note that due to the restrictions of the transit, luncheon may not be served until mid-afternoon. We recommend you have a hearty breakfast. The drive to Corinth will be by motorway and takes approximately 1¼ hours each way. Flash photography is not permitted in the Corinth Museum.

So, this is the plan for this day.

What actually happened!!!

Soon to come!!!!

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