Cunard Cruise 2012
Trip Day 27
Monday, April 16th
Alexandria, Egypt

The ship arrives at Alexandria, Egypt, first thing this morning.

There is no time change since the ship is still in Egypt which is 7 hours ahead of home and is what is known as Eastern European Time or EET.

Since there is now some shore again (for me) todays shore excursion is called "El Alamein". It is scheduled to depart at 7:30 AM and is 5½ hours long.

Here is the description:

El Alamein is famous as the site where Rommel and Montgomery fought the decisive allied victory in the Second World War.

It was at El Alamein, in November 1942, that the Allied forces under the command of British General, Montgomery, put a halt to the advance of Nazi Afrika. The Battle of El Alamein was one of the most violent, as well as most important, confrontations during WWII.

Your guide will take you through El Alamein War Museum to see the impressive collection of uniforms, memorabilia and pictorial material relating to the Battle of El Alamein and the North African campaigns. In the grounds stands a collection of tanks, artillery and hardware from the famous battlefield, including a ‘Ford’ tank, discovered only recently.

A visit to the Commonwealth War Cemetery, a place of peace and contemplation, is an opportunity to remember those who fought and died for the Allied cause. Over 7,000 tombstones cover a slope overlooking the desert battlefield of El Alamein. Soldiers from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, France and India are all laid to rest here.

Perched on a small peninsula overlooking the sea, the less frequently visited citadel-like Italian and German Cemeteries in their stark and military appearance complete your visit to Alamein.

As always there are some additional notes and here those are:

Note: The journey time to El Alamein is approximately 1½ hours each way. Guests with walking difficulties are advised that there are several steps at the entrance to the War Museum. Camera fees apply at the War Museum. There is an uphill, gravel walkway of about 160 feet and a flight of 15 marble stairs at the Italian cemetery.

So, this is the plan for this day.

What actually happened!!!

Soon to come!!!!

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