Cunard Cruise 2012
Trip Day 15
Wednesday, April 4th
Agra to Delhi, India
(the ship is still "At Sea")

Today the ship is "At Sea" in the Indian Ocean on the second day of two heading towards Dubai.

If all has gone well then I am on day three of the Taj Mahal shore excursion starting in Agra, India and travelling from Agra to Delhi with a tour of Delhi.

(Note: If you are wondering where the selected bar on the "My Voyage Itinerary" menu has gone, just scroll the menu up and it will be visible. It will be this way from this page to the end. It should also be noted that choosing anything on the menu does not change the web page you are viewing it just changes the location on the Google Map.)

Since I am still in India the time is still 10.5 hours ahead of home.

The time in Dubai is 9 hours ahead of home and is what is known as Gulf Standard Time or GST. The ship has likely changed its time by now.

Here is the description of Day 3 of the Taj Mahal shore excursion from Cunard's information:

DAY 3 - DELHI, overnight in Delhi

Following breakfast at the Hotel in Agra, you will take the drive to Delhi. On arrival at the Oberoi Hotel in Delhi, you’ll have chance to freshen up before luncheon. Take a tour of New Delhi to learn about India’s cultural past and present and see architectural combinations of both British and Indian design. Travel past India Gate and the Presidential House. Visit Humayun’s Tomb, an incredible red sand stone memorial which formed the basis of the design for the Taj Mahal, built 100 years later. Dinner will be served at the Hotel later in the evening.

As always there are some additional notes but since they are the same as the ones for the first day of the excursion I will not include them again here.

So, this is the plan for this day.

What actually happened!!!

Soon to come!!!!

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