Cunard Cruise 2012
Trip Day 9
Thursday, March 29th
At Sea

This is the second of 16 "At Sea" days on this cruise. The ship is continuing to sail across the Bay of Bengal heading for Colombo, Sri Lanka expecting to arrive there tomorrow morning.

The time difference in Colombo, Sri Lanka is 10.5 hours ahead of home or 1.5 hours earlier than Phuket, so at some point over the last 36 hours the ship probably will have changed clocks to be on Colombo time.

Needless to say there are no shore excursions this day simply because there is still no shore!

So, this is the plan for this day. On to tomorrow!

What actually happened!!!

Today the ship continued on it's crossing of the Bay of Bengal heading for Sri Lanka. The position shown on the map above is again based on the info from some of the pictures taken around noon ships time this day. The weather continues to be very hot and humid. The 30 minute time change occurred last night so we are now the same as Sri Lanka and India.

Here are a few pictures taken this day.

Ship Panorama rear

Here is a two picture panorama showing the rear of the ship from the highest deck I was allowed on.
The only higher deck passengers are allowed onto is that one with the ring around it in front of the funnel in the centre of this picture.
Only the the people in what I called the "high rent accommodations" or the "high rent district" were allowed up there.
You can also see several ships, one on either side, that were on a similar course to us.

Games Deck

The games deck. The game you can see the people playing there is lawn bowling.
This is where many of the sunset pictures that follow were taken from.
The sunset pictures were taken through the openings around the forward facing tinted glass you can see here on the left.
It would probably be worthwhile mentioning here as well that all these pictures
were taken with my small point and shoot Nikon AW100 and not my big fancy Nikon D300.

Here are the long awaited sunset pictures!!!!

Sunset 1 Sunset 2
The sunset begins. The time is 7:01 PM.
The games deck is located in the area just below the slightly angled roof
you can see near the top right of the picture.
The sunset continues. It is 7:03 PM. The ship is sailing mostly west at this point so these were not the easiest pictures to get, which is why the pictures needed to be taken from the forward facing Games Deck.
Sunset 3 Sunset 4
Here are some low clouds with the setting sun lighting the tops of them.
There is a ship sailing in the shadow below the cloud.
The remaining pictures were taken from
the Games Deck mentioned above.
This one was taken at 7:11 PM.
Sunset 5 Sunset 6
This one was taken at 7:13. This one at 7:17.
Sunset 6a Sunset 7
This one at 7:18. And this final one was taken at 7:20 PM.

So completes Day 9 of the trip. On to Colombo, Sri Lanka tomorrow.

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