Cunard Cruise 2012
Trip Day 8
Wednesday, March 28th
At Sea

This is the first of 16 "At Sea" days on this cruise. The ship is sailing across the Bay of Bengal heading for Colombo, Sri Lanka arriving there on Friday.

On the Google map below I hope to be able to add actual positions of the ship on the map. Usually there are announcements on these days letting the passengers know what the ship's position was at noon. Sometimes at the end of a cruise the passengers are given what is sometimes called a Cruise Log with all this information on it. I do not know if Cunard does this but I know Holland America does. If the position information is available I will try to add it here sometime after the information becomes available (if it does at all). Note that the links for the "At Sea" choices in the "My Voyage Itinerary" below will not work until I add some location data.

The time difference in Colombo, Sri Lanka is 10.5 hours ahead of home or 1.5 hours earlier than Langkawi, so at some point the ship will be changing clocks to accommodate this. India which follows shortly after Sri Lanka is in the same time zone which is IST or India Standard Time. There is no daylight time in Sri Lanka or in India so it stays this time year round. This change will either have occurred last night or will occur tonight.

Needless to say there are no shore excursions this day simply because there is no shore!

So, this is the plan for this day.

What actually happened!!!

As noted above, today was an "At Sea" day. The ship was sailing across the Bay of Bengal heading for Colombo, Sri Lanka as you can see on the map above. The "At Sea" location shown on the map was determined from some pictures taken around the noon hour that have been encoded with the location information from a GPS system located in the small point and shoot camera I have. I think the term for this is called geotagging. The pictures below are some of those pictures so you can see what the weather was like at that time and date in that location. The temperature was very warm/hot with very high humidity. There were only 6 pictures taken this day so the choice of which ones to include here is very small and relatively easy.

Here are four of the six pictures:

Ship 1 Ship 2
The rear of the ship from the starboard or right side. The rear of the ship from the port or left side.
The black smoke coming out of the funnel here was unusual. It may have been the ships incinerator or something unrelated to the engines I think.
Ship Pool Ship Wake
The Pavilion Swimming Pool on deck 10 near the middle of the ship. The wake as the ship sailed across the Bay of Bengal.

Nothing much else of excitement occurred this day. I should also note that a portion of the time change I mentioned in the original description of what was to happen this day above, happened last night. The first hour was done last night with the remaining 30 minutes to occur tonight.

On to Day 9!!!!

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