Cunard Cruise 2012
Trip Day 4
Saturday, March 24th
Board the ship for the start of the cruise.

Today is day 1 of the cruise even though I do not get on the ship in Singapore until sometime in the early afternoon. This is all that is scheduled to happen this day.

Below are two maps. The one on the left is the map for approximately the first third of the cruise showing the first 12 days after departing Singapore. The map in the centre is a Google Map that I have created based on an idea I saw on Cunard's web site. This is something different than I have ever used before. The ship's (and usually my) location will be shown as a green marker on this map. You can also choose any other location on the cruise from the menu to the right of the map and it will scroll the map to that location. The map will be centred on the location the page is describing but the menu allows you to look at any other location on the list if you like. (Note: Choosing a location on this menu only changes the location on the map and does not take you to the web page that talks about that location.)

At this point I do not have specific arrival and departure times for these locations. More to follow after it happens!

What actually happened!!!

Here is some of what I said about this day in Cruise Update #1 that I emailed to several people later in the cruise.

On arrival, early Friday morning the person who picked me up from the airport gave me the information for what was to happen today. The luggage was to be ready for pickup by 9:00 am which it was. The pickup occurred at about 9:20. The next step was to be checked out by 10:30 which I was. Then there was a bus ride to another hotel to do the check in for the cruise. Walking, this hotel was about three blocks away, but due to Singapore`s one way street arrangement it was more like 20 blocks to go the three blocks. The check in process took less than 10 minutes and then I had to wait for another bus to take me to the ship which was docked at a container dock something over 20 minutes’ drive west of the hotel. Once one saw where the ship was docked it became abundantly clear why the check in process was done the way it was. The certainly was no capability of doing it where the ship was.

There were only a few pictures taken this day starting in the hotel.

Hotel Window View

The view of the courtyard outside my window. I was on the 8th floor and the courtyard was on the 4th I think.
There was also a very noisy air conditioner behind the trees on the right but it was well muted by the balcony door.

Hotel Room 1

This picture contains two images combined to show the entire room number 807.
This was taken from just inside the balcony door seen in the picture below.

Hotel Room 2

The room looking back towards where the picture above was taken from.

The next picture was taken once I arrived at the ship from the ship. You will see more like this as the cruise progresses.

Singapore Pier 1

The pier the ship was docked at was not exactly a "cruise terminal".
Apparently a cruise terminal is being built.
The pier normally used was not available this day.

From the Cruise Update.....

The ship sailed at 5:00 heading for Port Kelang the port for the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. 

The picture below from the TV system that shows the ship's location as of 9:53PM almost five hours after leaving Singapore.


The first stop on the cruise is early tomorrow morning at Port Kelang, Malaysia for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

On to Day 5 of the trip and day 2 (or maybe 1) of the cruise.

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