Cunard Cruise 2012
Trip Day 3
Thursday, March 23rd
Free day in Singapore

Very early today I should arrive at the hotel and will very likely go to bed, since I do not generally sleep well on airplanes. Mind you, for me it will seem like early afternoon, not the very early morning it actually is here.

I do not have much planned simply because my circadian rhythms will be rather confused. I have noted that the hotel is not too far from what is known as the Singapore Flyer which is an observation wheel much like the London Eye on the Thames River in the centre of London only slightly bigger. In case you do not know an "observation wheel" looks like, they look like a large Ferris wheel with pods on it and is used for showing off the local sights not as an amusement ride. Observation wheels turn much too slowly to get much "amusement" from. I thought I might try to visit that if I have my locations right.

Not much more to say about today. The cruise starts tomorrow so on to that!

What actually happened!!!

The arrival in Singapore actually occurred very early this day so here is the completion of the arrival description before I continue with what happened the rest of this day.

By this time it was getting close to 1:00AM Friday. Once everything was collected I went out through customs with no issues and found a gentleman holding a sign from Cunard with my name on it. Off we went to his van for the 20 minute ride to the Fairmont Singapore. Once here I completed the checking process and by the time I made it to the room, #0807 by the way, it was close to 1:30 AM. I promptly went to bed. There was very little sleep, if any, on the long first flight, and certainly none on the second one. One other note about the approach to Singapore I could see lightening high in the clouds well to the west of Singapore but nothing was happening in, or near, the city though.

Well I think this completes this chronicle of the trip to Singapore, unless or until I think of something else I might want to add.

I did not think of anything else to add to this so I will continue on with what happened starting approximately 8 hours later this day and on from there on what was a very hot and humid day in Singapore (which is normal for Singapore).

The following comes from Cruise Update Number One.

Sleep did not come easily last night and it seems that I did not get much.

Before leaving on this trip I had discovered that I was not too far from the Singapore Flyer which is an observation wheel like the London Eye on the Thames River in London. It is currently the biggest one but apparently Dubai is building a slightly larger one (doesn’t Dubai want to have the biggest anything or everything?). The high humidity made things fairly hazy but it was still an interesting experience.

Here is what it looked like as I walked down the street from the hotel towards it.

Flyer Daytime 01

The walk to the Flyer took about 20 minutes and once there and on board here are a few examples of what one can see from it.

Downtown from Flyer Hotel from Flyer
A single picture of the downtown area of Singapore. Just to the right of the tall building in the distance in the centre are two shorter round buildings. That is where the hotel is located.

Here are several panoramic shots made up of several pictures each showing the views from the Flyer.

Panorama 2

I think this one is looking generally to the east I think.

Panorama 3 Harbour

This looks out over the harbour (to the south I believe).
The one above is on the left side in this image.

Downtown Panorama

This panorama above of the downtown area and is to the right of the one above and opposite of the top one.
Below is from a caption for a similar picture I used in Cruise Update #1.
The building on the left is a 2500 room hotel which is not the one I was staying in by the way.
The buildings in the middle are the main downtown area of Singapore where all the big financial companies are.

Flyer Panorama 4

This is looking mostly north I think and is just to the right of the one above and to the left of the top panorama.

Just to prove that I was actually here, I offer this......

Me at Singapore Flyer

This picture is taken in front of a green background and there is a choice of backgrounds that are digitally added later.
In hindsight, there was another one that I think I liked better but I did not get it.

The next group of pictures below shows the area around the hotel.

Hotel and Monument Monument Inscription
The Monument of the Civilian Victims of the Occupation on the left, the tall Swissotel next to it on the right, and round Fairmont Singapore Hotel on the far right. I was in a second round building behind the one you can see here. The inscription on the monument.
Raffles Hotel
The Raffles Hotel, (somewhat hidden behind the trees) is one of the best known hotels in Singapore.
The well known drink the Singapore Sling was invented here.

From Cruise Update #1......

The rest of the day was spent exploring the rather vast underground shopping complex that exists in this part of Singapore. I found some reasonable fast food places and 7/11 stores that I was able to eat in or get stuff to take back to the room in the hotel. One would need to be independently wealthy to be able to eat in the hotel (or the Swissotel connected to it and owned by the same company). This may not be the best example but a can of Coke in the mini bar was 7.50 in Singapore dollars which is about $10 Canadian if I am not mistaken.

In the evening I went out to take some nighttime pictures of the area around the hotel and the temperature was not much better and the humidity seemed worse. I got the pictures I wanted, some examples of which you can see below, and went back to the hotel and watched a bit of TV and then went to bed again hoping for a better sleep than the previous night.

Here are some of those nighttime pictures I took.

Downtown at Night Hotel and Monument at Night
Downtown Singapore at night. An almost identical picture to the one above of the monument and two hotels only this one is at night.
Flyer at Night 1 Flyer at Night 2
The Flyer at night. A slightly different view of the Flyer at night.
Light Show 1 Manderian Hotel at Night
There was a light show going on somewhere near one of the high class hotels along the waterfront. I think it was something related to that ritzy 2500 room hotel I mentioned above and where many of the lights in this photo are shining from. The Marina Mandarin hotel where the check in for the cruise will occur tomorrow morning (although I did realize that when I took the picture).

This completes this day. On to Day 4 and the start of the cruise.

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