Cunard Cruise 2012
Trip Day 2
Thursday, March 22nd
Arrive in Hong Kong
Depart Hong Kong
Arrive in Singapore

Today, this marathon trip continues with almost all of this day being taken up with flying to Singapore.

Before I go too much farther with this, a note here about the difference in time between home and Singapore. When I make this trip, Singapore (and Hong Kong by the way,) will be 12 hours ahead of us. That means that if it is 6:00 p.m. here it is 6:00 am in the morning tomorrow there.

If there was no time change I would arrive in Hong Kong at 6:45 am today. With the 12 hour time difference that makes my arrival time there at 6:45 p.m. in the evening.

If all goes well then I will leave Hong Kong at 7:55 p.m. and arrive in Singapore almost four hours later just before midnight at 11:45 p.m.. Since these two countries are in the same time zone there is no time adjustment required. This means that I will arrive just before noon here at home.

A Cunard representative should meet me (there will likely be others as well) at the airport to get me on to my transportation to the Fairmont Singapore Hotel.

This part will likely happen tomorrow so I will pick things up from here (not that there is much more to say about this anyway).

What actually happened!!!

As noted above the flights continue. The times mentioned on this page are in Hong Kong/Singapore time which is 12 hours ahead of home. So from the bottom of the previous page to the top of this one there would appear to be 12 hours missing. This means that this page starts at 12:00 noon and not just after midnight where the previous page ended.

There are no pictures available for this day mainly because it was too bright outside the plane to open the window shutters to take any.

Here is the 6 hour to go report. There was an altitude adjustment about 10 minutes ago. Due to the display issues that this system is having I cannot tell if it was up or down but it definitely changed. The engines don't sound like they are running at as high a power setting as they were before. The 6 hour to go stats are 3005 miles to go and the time currently is 12:27. E.t.a. is estimated to be 6:28.

For the 5 hour to go one I seem to have dozed off. So at 4 hours and 50 minutes to go here is the situation: 2364 miles to go  and I think the plane is just approaching northern China (possibily Mongolia). No too much further to go now, which is a good thing as I seem to be getting very tired.

It is now approaching the 4 hour remaining mark and the plane is approaching the central Chinese desert. With 4 hours to go there are 1906 miles to Hong Kong. This means that the plane has travelled around 6000 miles to get to this point. More to come as I get ever closer to Hong Kong.

This is a supplementary note. While I was writing the entry above the plane was making a couple of wide left turns (to the east). This happened near a place named Ulan Battor. What this has done is to align the plane up with the main air traffic route between Hong Kong and Bejing which we are approaching now. It is now 3:10 and there is 3 hours and 18 minutes and 1521 miles to go.

It is 3:29 PM and there are three hours to go. Miles left 1392. The plane is just slightly north of being due west of Bejing.

Well there are two hours left and 855 miles to go. Ever since passing Bejing the plane has been bouncing all over the place. I have done this section of this flight before and it seems to me that every other one has been the same in this area. There is a plain below us and I think it has something to do with it. It certainly makes typing this difficult!

Only an hour to go now and 360 miles. Arrival estimated at 6:29. The next entry will not likely happen until after landing.

The next entry did not actually happen until I was on the next flight to Singapore. Here is one thing that I added when the first trip update was sent.

I sent a second message to certain people from the gate there and then boarded the plane. I had received replies to the messages I sent at Pearson airport one of which commented that I should try to get some sleep during this first flight. I did not really get much sleep on that flight and it likely was very good advice based on what has happened since.

Here is what I wrote during the second flight and a bit later on the first day in Singapore that completes this day.

Ok now I am on my way to Singapore. This flight departed the gate just a few minutes past 8 and took off at approximately 8:33 heading southwest.

I guess I should finish off the other flight. It landed approximately 20 minutes early at approximately 6:30. It taxied off the runway and was at the gate in just a few minutes. It seems that the gate was right next to the runway the flight landed on.

Either I am getting old and do not follow airport signage very well or there is something about it that is not well done. It likely would have helped if I had realized that a second security check was required. I would have been looking for something different if Ii had realized that. It is also amazing how a place looks different at night than in the daytime. Once I got my bearings I recognized most of it. I think there have been some additions there since I was last there.

This flight is expected to arrive on time if not a little early with the possibility of a few bumps along the way. This is an older 777 than the long haul one so the detail in the moving map system is less detailed. Currently arrival is anticipated 2 hours and 35 minutes from now and it is just approaching 9:00.

It is now 10:09 and there is 644 miles to go to Singapore. For the last 20 minutes or so the plane has been flying over and near the south coast of Vietnam. This is the bumpy section the captain talked about. In fact it seems worse now as we fly away from it. The captain went up 4000 feet to 36,000 and slowed down a little to try to reduce the effects.

Speed is 580 MPH, outside temp is -49 F.

Well it is now almost 4:00 PM on Friday Singapore time and I am finally getting around to completing this. The plane landed quite uneventfully about 5 minutes early and had to taxi a ways to get to the gate. Once there the passengers disembarked. Cathy Pacific has an unusual way of doing this in that they block off the first and business class sections so those passengers can disembark first then they let the economy passengers off. This likely does not happen Hong Kong as the gates there are configured with two jetways for each plane. This allows them to separate the plane with little or no contact between the classes.

After using the washroom the next stop was Immigration and Customs. Nobody mentioned that there was a card to fill out so I went there without it and had to go back and do it. I was far from the only one though. By the time everything was filled out I was probably the last passenger from this flight to get to baggage claim. There were still many people there waiting even by this time. They do not seem to handle baggage from a large plane too well at midnight. It seems that not too much had come out yet. Not too long after my arrival the first of the two (the orange/black one) appeared. The large laminated Cunard tags made them much easier to spot, especially the black one since most luggage still seems to be black. It seemed like the black one took almost 10 minutes longer before finally showing up, much to my relief, I might add.

This concludes very early tomorrow morning.

On to Day 3.

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