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Motor Coach Tour 2011
Tuesday, May 31st

Salt Lake City, Utah
Day 2

Today was some what busier in Salt Lake after yesterdays Memorial Day Holiday. I had a quiet day just visiting here and there, now and then. The one thing I did was attend the noon hour organ recital in the Tabernacle to hear the difference between the smaller but harsher and more powerful Conference Center organ and the bigger but much mellower Tabernacle organ. While I was in Temple Square I retook some of the photos that were done yesterday with cloudy sky's, today with today's mostly clear blue sky. I will start with some general pictures around the area first.

SLC Day 2 Scene 1 Energy Solutions Arena
Mountains to the west, I believe. The Energy Solutions Arena where the Utah Jazz NBA basket ball team plays.
Utah Jazz Banner TRAX LRT
As if one could not tell there was a basketball team here! A public transit train. Is probably an LRT type of thing.

After taking these I headed back to Temple Square for the last time and took these.....

Day 2 Beehive 1 Day 2 Temple 1
The all important Beehive. The Temple on a bright sunny and warm day.
Day 2 CC 1 Day 2 Church Office Building 1
The Conference Center against a clear blue sky. The Church Office Building.
Day 2 Fountain 1 Day 2 JSMB 1
Taken from in front of the Church Office Building. The Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
Yes, it is the one with the Beehive on top.
Day 2 Beehive 2 Day 2 Temple 2
The previously noted Beehive. The Temple from one of the same places that some of the night shots were taken from last night. Note that the tilt of the building on the left is caused by the camera's wide angle lens.
Day 2 Temple 3 Plaque Day 3 Temple 4
This is near the top of the centre tower of the Temple. The Temple with the Conference Center to the right. The plaque in the previous picture is the golden coloured part near the top of the middle tower.
Day 2 Temple 5 Day 2 Conference Cemtre 1
The south side of the Temple. The Conference Center from between the Tabernacle and the Temple. The waterfall comes from that fountain on the roof that was shown in yesterday's pictures.

The last stop on this final trip to Temple Square was the Tabernacle for the noon hour organ recital.

Day 2 Tabernacle 1 Day 2 Tabernacle 2
The Tabernacle on this bright sunny day. For the organ recitals these coloured lights change colour for each piece the organist plays.
Day 2 Tabernacle 3 Day 2 Tabernacle 4
A wider view. It should be noted here that the colours are somewhat subtler than what you see here. A different colour. I tried many combinations of setting to try to get a picture that I thought was close but never quite succeeded.
Day 2 Tabernacle 5 Day 2 Tabernacle 6
The Tabernacle seats 2500.
You can see the organist on the stage announcing his program.
One final try at the colour.
It is a bit too strong to what I think I remember seeing.

Here is the last picture in Temple Square.....

Day 2 Temple Square 6

Here are the final images taken with the high quality Nikon D300 digital SLR camera on this trip. I decided to retire it for the rest of the trip. There are a few more later taken with my Nikon P1 digital point and shoot camera.

Day 2 CC 3 Day 2 CC 4
The Conference Center on a sunnier day
and different angle than before.
A bit further away.
Day 2 Hotel 1 Day 2 Street Scene 3
The Radisson Hotel. Temple Square from down the street.
Day 2 Street Scene 5 Day 2 Capital Dome 1
Temple Square from a bit further down the street. The Capitol Building dome.
The very last picture taken with the big camera.

After these were taken I went to the hotel , spent some time there, and then went back to the train station shopping centre for supper. The hotel restaurant was too expensive. By the time I went I had packed the big camera away in preparation for returning home tomorrow so I took the little one. Here is a small group taken with it on this trip.

P1-1 P1-2
Temple Square from in front of the Energy Solutions Arena. A close up of the former Union Pacific Station.
P1-3 P1-4
Mountains surround Salt Lake. Here are some of them. Here are some others.

The final 3 pictures were taken out of my hotel room window later this evening. These were the last ones taken in Salt Lake City.

Day 2 Window 1 Day 2 Window 2
The weather turned really nice on this second day here. More mountains looking the other way than above.

Day 2 Window 3 and Last

Downtown Salt Lake City over the Convention Center's roof.

So endith the visit to Salt Lake City. I would have no trouble visiting here again, hopefully some time when the Tabernacle Choir is here to hear.

The airport transit van is scheduled to arrive at 6:00AM tomorrow morning for the short trip to the airport for my 8:10AM flight to Dallas.

On to June 1st and the trip home......

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