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Motor Coach Tour 2011
Saturday, May 28th


Now that we are finished with Yellowstone, here is a map showing where we are now. You can see Jackson just below Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. The number 2 in the black dot indicates the number of overnights in each place.

Tour Map 2

Today is known on a motor coach tour as a "Day at Leisure". Basically it means you can do what you want. I took the only optional excursion that was available to me which was called the Snake River Float Trip. This was the highlight of the day for me. I spent some time walking around the area of the hotel and a Visitors Centre across the road otherwise I relaxed.

After breakfast in the hotel we started out for the float trip. This was approximately 9:30. Our coach took us out into Grand Teton National Park stopping along the way for pictures at the park entrance with the park sign, and as you will soon see the now visible Teton Mountain Range, to a spot where we met the people taking us on the trip. At this point we got into their vans and went further out into the park to the point where the float trip started. The trip lasted about two hours and we arrived back at the spot were the coach dropped us off. It was there waiting for us (minus tour director Jack who was at a hair styling emporium somewhere in Jackson getting a hair cut), and we were delivered back to the hotel. Along the way we saw our only moose of this trip.

Here are the pictures taken during the Float Trip excursion.

Teton Sign 1 Teton Sign 2 Me
The southern entrance of Grand Teton National Park. Me at the south entrance.
Teton Sign 3 Teton Range from Coach
A wider view. The Teton Range as we approached it on the coach.
Float Trip 1 Float Trip 2
At the departure location for the float trip. The first boat (of 2) loading up for the trip.
Float Trip 3 Float Trip 4
The Snake River with some of the Teton Range. Our rubber raft from inside it.
Float Trip 5 Float Trip 6
The Teton Range with a late winter shoreline. More Tetons.
Float Trip 7 Float trip 8
Quite a bit of debris along the reasonably fast flowing river. The high shoreline has been created by the river slowly cutting (eroding) into the rock.
Float Trip 9 Eagle Float Trip 10
A Bald Eagle in its nest. Even though it was sunny, it was still cold with quite a brisk wind.
Float Trip 11 Float Trip 12
More Tetons. There is a beaver house right in the centre of this picture.
Float Trip 13 Float Trip !4
These trees will shortly be more debris in the river. The other raft of our group.
Float Trip 15 Float Trip 16
More of the shoreline. The other raft going sideways down the river. The rafts would turn around so sometimes those that started in the back would be at the front.
Float Trip 17 Float Trip 18
Major debris here. The main Teton mountain group.
Float Trip 19 Float Trip 21
Beavers have been at work here. The mountains framed by the trees.
Float Trip 22 Float Trip 23
The water was at its fastest here. I believe this is some kind of hawk. Not sure though.

The image below is likely my favourite of all the ones taken during the Float Trip. Here it is in a large version.

Float Trip 20 Large

This picture has the 3 major Teton's in it. If I have it right, Grand Teton, (13,770 ft., 4197 metres) is in the centre, Middle Teton (12,804 ft., 3903 metres) is next to the left, and South Teton (12,514 ft., 3824 metres) is next to the left. To complete the group in the picture, on the far left is Buck Mt. (11, 983 ft., 3652 metres). I am not sure about the names of the two on the right of Grand Teton.

To give you a feel of what the float excursion was like I have created a short (just over 3 minutes and 45 seconds long) video of a couple of the more interesting parts (I thought anyway) of the excursion. It was very windy so most of the sound is just wind noise. You my want to reduce your sound level to allow for this. It is available in Flash and Quicktime versions below.

Quicktime Version

Here are several pictures taken as we headed back to the hotel after the Float Trip.

Bison Running 1 Bison Running 2
A small herd of Bison running. Running further! The white is a patch of snow.


Moose 1

The only moose we saw on this trip.

As noted earlier I spent a quiet rest of the day. There were some sort of celebrations going on in the city but they did not really interest me. I stayed in the area around the hotel. Across the road was the Teton area visitors centre which overlooks one end of the National Elk Refuge. Here are a few pictures.

National Elk Refuge from Visitors Centre Visitors Centre 1
The National Elk Refuge from a viewing location at the Visitor Centre. These are Elk antlers. Elk shed their antlers every year so you see a lot of these sorts of things in this area.
Visitor's Centre 2 Visitor's Centre 3
A Grey Wolf in the Visitor Centre. A herd of Elk (and possibly others).

The last group of pictures shows this somewhat different hotel we were in. My room was too small for any meaningful inside pictures but here is a collection showing the outside.

Rustic Inn Later 1 Rustic Inn 1
Main entrance to the Rustic Inn from across the road in front of the Visitor Centre. Back on this side of the road.
Rustic Inn Later 3 Rustic Inn Later 2
Two Elk antler chandeliers. An Elk antler arch. You will see the worlds biggest Elk horn (actually they are antlers) arch on tomorrows page.
Rustic Inn 2 Rustic Inn later 4
Some of the individual cabins. Our motor coach was parked right beside the gym.
Rustic Inn Later 5 Rustic Inn later 6
More cabins. These are the ones that most of our group were in. The sign beside the door on this one says "Honeymoon Cottage".
Rustic Inn later 7 Rustic Inn later 8
The laundry in the centre behind the tree and more smaller cottages. This place has lots of cottages, all of a "Rustic" nature.

Rustic Inn Later 9 My Room

My Room!!!
It was not very big as you can see.

Around supper time I walked up the street a short distance and had supper at the local Dairy Queen. After that, a quiet evening.

Tomorrow is officially the last day of the tour part of the trip for me. We head from Jackson, Wyoming to Salt Lake City, Utah.

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