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Motor Coach Tour 2011
Wednesday, May 25th (Part 1)
Cody, Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park

Today we head to what was probably the highlight of the trip, Yellowstone National Park. Here is the map:

Tour Map

Late yesterday there had been some uncertainty about how we were going to get into the park as there had been several road closures due to avalanches and other problems. At breakfast we found out we would not be able to go in the way Tour Director Jack wanted to go and another route would be necessary. Once on the coach we learned that we were going to go in the Northeast Entrance to the park instead of the intended East Entrance. This might take a bit longer but we were already a half day ahead due to not being able to get to Little Bighorn yesterday. The visit to the Buffalo Bill Historic Centre had been scheduled for this morning in the original scheme of things. The original route out of Cody would have taken us past the centre and I had hoped to get a picture of it on the way by as it was not raining today. We did not go that way, so no picture. Off we headed for the Northeast Entrance into Yellowstone which takes us through the Shoshone National Forest..

Roads in mountainous areas are almost always "twisty turvy" as I call it. This one was no different. Here are some pictures taken as we worked our way to the park entrance.

To Yellowstone 1 To Yellowstone 2
  Elk on the hill side.
To Yellowstone 3 To Yellowstone 4
  It is May 25th and there is still a lot of snow on the mountains.
To Yellowstone 5 To Yellowstone 6
We are getting higher in elevation again.  
To Yellowstone 9 To Yellowstone 10
We stopped at an overlook. This was May 25th at one of the highest spots in the Shoshone National Forest.
To Yellowstone 11 To Yellowstone 12
  A snow plow throwing snow everywhere went by while we were at the overlook.
To Yellowstone 13 To Yellowstone 14
To Yellowstone 15 To Yellowstone 16
  Deer, I think!
To Yellowstone 17 Rock Slide 1 To Yellowstone 17 Rock Slide 2
A small rock fall from the mountain on the right. Rich and Tour Director Jack get out to move the rocks.
To Yellowstone 17 Rock Slide 3 To Yellowstone 18
That one as really heavy!  
To Yellowstone 19 To Yellowstone 20
  One of my favourite pictures from the trip.
The composition could have been a bit better but it was taken from a moving motor coach after all. Not bad considering!
To Yellowstone 21 To Yellowstone 22
Just a little snow.... More snow.
To Yellowstone 23 Yellowstone Northeast Entrance Gate
The sign. The Northeast Entrance.

Due to the number of pictures taken in Yellowstone, I think it will be easier to use a separate page for these pictures. We arrived here at approximately 10:30AM and spent the next two and a half days in the park. On to Yellowstone!!!

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