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Motor Coach Tour 2011
Tuesday, May 24th
Sheridan, Wyoming
Cody, Wyoming

Today's agenda was to visit the Little Bighorn Battlefield where Custer's Last Stand took place and then to proceed to Cody, Wyoming. Here is the map.

Tour Map Large

When most of us woke up it was raining and kept doing it at varying rates as we went to and had breakfast. At breakfast we found out that we would not be going to Little Bighorn because the roads were closed and we just could not get there. More details will be available when we get on the coach.

We departed the hotel at around 8:25AM and headed towards Interstate 90 and ultimately would have been 87 later. On the way out we passed by a house that Buffalo Bill had lived in in the late 1800's. Here are a couple of less than perfect pictures of it.

Buffolo Bill House 1 Buffalo Bill House 2
I do not remember all the details but apparently Buffalo Bill lived here at some point in time.
Here is the sign proclaiming that. Maybe it was in 1893.

As you can see from these it is raining. We continued out to the interstate and got on it and then encountered this.

I() Closed in Montana I90 Closed
If we wanted to go to Little Bighorn then we needed to go straight ahead. It was a bit hard to do that. It you cannot read the mobile sign it says "Flooding in Montana".
Here is the definitive statement. Not much doubt as we head off the exit and on to Cody.

Here is something we would have seen at Little Bighorn had we been able to get there.

Little Bighorn

This picture is not the best quality but it gets the point across.

So off we went onto Highway 14 west heading for Cody and ultimately Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks as the signs say. This put the trip through the Bighorn Mountain in the morning instead of after lunch as it would have been originally. This route to Cody is the one we would have taken if things had progressed as planned. We would have gone to Little Bighorn and then come back to this point and followed this route anyway. On the map at the top you can see that Little Bighorn is a bit out of the way for the best route to Cody. This just means we did it four or five hours earlier than we would have.

The next group of pictures documents the trip through the Highway 14 pass through the mountains. I think the pass has a name but I do not remember what it is. There is lots of scenery and interesting weather. Most of the pictures probably will not require captions but I will add a few here and there.

Bigfoot Pass #1 Bigfoot pass #2
As we approach the Bighorn Mountains.
Bigfool Pass #3 Bigfoot Pass #4
That squiggly line in the centre is the road we are on. We are coming to that part.
Bigfoot Pass #5 Bigfoot Pass #6
Bigfoot Pass #7 Bigfoot Pass #8
I thought the sign was interesting.
We are getting higher.
Bigfoot Pass #9 Bigfoot Pass #10
Bigfoot Pass #11 Bigfoot Pass #12
Bigfoot Pass #13 Bigfoot Pass #14
I think in these next four of pictures we were at the highest altitude that we got to in this pass. I believe it was between 6000 and 7000 feet.  
Bigfoot Pass #15 Bigfoot pass #16
I think the brown on the road was recently applied sand.  
Bigfoor Pass #17 Bigfoot Pass #18
Starting back down.  
Bigfoot pass #19 Bigfoot pass #20
Bigfoot Pass #21 Bigfoot Pass #22
Bigfoot Pass #23 Bigfoot Pass #24
Bigfoot Pass #25 Bigfoot Pass #26
See the elephant? (Look at the rock formation.)  
Bigfoot Pass #27 Bigfoot Pass #28
Further and further down.  
Bighorn Pass #29 Bighorn Pass #30
  Coming out of the pass on the other side of the Bighorn Mountains.

When we came out of the pass almost 90 minutes later we stopped at a country store in or near a village called Shell.

Shell #1 Shell Wagon 4
Where we came from.
The pass we came out of is in the gap you can see in the foreground and to the left of the gap.
Cook wagon used by the settlers in the late 1800's.
Shell Wagon 2 Shell Wagon 3
The inside of the left wagon.
The inside of the other wagon.

Shell with Bus 1

Our coach with the Bighorn Mountains in the background.

As we headed for Cody we passed an airport where forest fire water bomber pilots are trained to use a new chemical for fighting forest fires. These people specialize in refitting old flying boxcar type airplanes to do this. Here are a couple of pictures of these older planes as we drove past.

Flying boxcar 1 Flying Boxcar 2

When we came out of the Bigfoot Mountains the weather improved somewhat but not for long. This next picture is on the last stretch of Highway 14 heading towards Cody.

Road to Cody 1

We arrived in Cody just before lunch. We had lunch in an old style bar/restaurant on the main street of town. The main reason for the stop there is to see the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. It a large group of buildings with museums (mainly) and other wild west related materials. Normally we would have had a short time tomorrow morning to visit but because we were there a half day early we had longer. Museums are not the most exciting of places for me so the three hours here was a bit long but it was still interesting. Here are a few samples of what is there.

BBHC 1 Large

This map shows the area that we are in quite well. Sheridan in not labelled but it is located on the northern end on the east or left side of the Bighorn Mountains. It is just below the white line showing the border of Wyoming and Montana. We drove through those mountains and across the Bighorn basin to Cody this morning. When we leave Cody tomorrow we will go slightly north and then west into Yellowstone National Park. After several days there we will go south through Grand Teton National Park to Jackson and spend a couple of nights there. We will then leave Jackson, take a short hop through Idaho and then further south and west into Utah and Salt Lake City.

The main section of the Yellowstone National History area.
More natural history.
In the Buffalo Bill area. (also the next three pictures).
BBHC 8 Firearms BBHC 9 Firearms
In the Firearms area (also the next three pictures).


An example of a typical Indian settlement.

For reasons that I do not remember I have very few pictures of Cody. Part of the reason may have been that it was raining most of the time we were there. The only other reason I can think of was that there just was not much I thought I wanted to take pictures of. The weather did gradually improve but not until late in the evening.

I noted on a television news cast from Billings, Montana that about 1200 people had to be evacuated in the north part Sheridan earlier this evening due to flooding. That was where we left from this morning in the pouring rain. The creek/river that caused this was not very far from the hotel we stayed in.

Nothing much else of interest happened this day so we will look forward to the trip into Yellowstone National Park tomorrow. We heard about some road closures but will not know for sure until the morning.

On to Yellowstone!!!

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