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Motor Coach Tour 2011
Wednesday, May 18th
Home to Toronto Airport Hilton

Today's part of the trip is not very interesting. It consisted of getting to the Toronto Airport Hilton hotel and staying there overnight. This occurred because there was a reduced rate at the hotel which included 15 days of parking. So, I drove, and left the car at the hotel. It was the cheapest way to get there and home. This also worked well because the flight to Denver via Dallas left at 6:50AM the next morning and they want you at the airport three hours before that (3:50AM!!!!). I had a room on the airport side of the hotel which was interesting for me (though probably not for most people).

Below are a few pictures mostly taken out of the window, except for the first one. The room had a very unusual layout (at least in my experience). It was difficult to get a good picture of it but I thought it was interesting enough to take one (actually several but I have only used one of them here).

Hotel Room
View from hotel window
This is the unusual bed layout I spoke of above. The beds were placed back to back using the same headboard. You can see the TV on the wall here. There was also a TV for the other bed mounted beside the window to the left of this picture. It is kind of odd but it does work.
The view out of my window.

Emerites A380

American B737
The view from the room gave me an interesting view of planes landing and taking off. This is an Emirates Airbus A380 that had just landed. It is currently the biggest passenger jet in the world and this is the only one that flies into Toronto as far as I know.
This in an American Airlines Boeing 737-800. There is nothing particularly special about this plane other than it was the one that landed at the time that my return flight would be arriving two weeks from today and I thought it was probably that flight.
Terminal 1 Evening
I find it interesting taking nighttime/evening pictures, so I took this one of Terminal 1 from my window.

As you can see from the night/evening picture above that it had clouded over and rained by the time (8:51PM) this picture was taken. As it got later it also got foggy and it was getting hard to see this. I tried to get some sleep as I had to get up very early the next day.

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