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Motor Coach Tour 2011
Wednesday, June 1st
Salt Lake City, Utah
to Home
via Dallas

Today I return home which takes me from Salt Lake City, Utah; to Dallas, Texas; to Toronto, Ontario; concluding in Brantford, Ontario all in a period of approximately 13 hours.

This day started with the pickup by the airport transit van at 5:55AM. It was scheduled for 6:00. The hotel restaurant did not open until either 6:30 or 7:00 so I could not have breakfast, not that I would have anyway. The trip to the airport took 15 or 20 minutes. The check in process was fast and even the T.S.A. people seemed quite efficient. I had been told the Salt Lake's airport was one of the more efficient ones in the US. The flight was scheduled for 8:10 and I was at the gate by 6:45 so there was lots of time to spare. I walked around a fair bit while I waited. There were lots of Delta Airlines planes (I think Salt Lake is one of their hubs) with some others. I think the second most numerous one was American.

American Airlines flight 2008 to Dallas, an MD80 jet that looked like an old DC9, left the gate just a couple of minutes late as I remember and took off shortly thereafter. The pictures below were taken with the small camera, all within the four minute period between 8:31 and 8:35AM just shortly after take-off. After that we got too high and it got too hazy to see much. The pictures are in the order they were taken.

Flight 2008 Picture 1 Flight 2008 Picture 2
Flight 2008 Picture 3 Flight 2008 Picture 4

Flight 2008 Picture 5

You can see it getting hazy.
It got worse and stayed that way for the rest of the flight.

The fight was generally uneventful with a few bumps and jolts here and there especially as we got closer to Dallas. Arrival at Dallas or DFW International Airport was approximately on time perhaps a few minutes late. The plane landed and did one of those high speed taxis around the airport to get to Terminal "C" where this flights gate was located. Arrival time was 11:50 Dallas time, it may have been just slightly late.

The fact that this flight was at a gate in Terminal "C" and my flight to Toronto was in Terminal "D" required a transfer between terminals. So I had to take the Sky Train from one to the other. This train allows passengers to stay on the secure side of the airport and still change terminals. Here is a picture, taken from a video, of one of the trains.

DFW SkyTrain

It took less than 10 minutes (I took the long way around the loop that the train follows) to get from Terminal "C" to "D". Contrary to the lettering they are not right beside each other. After arriving in the correct terminal I found the appropriate gate which just happened to be just across from a MacDonald's. You can guess where I had lunch.

After lunch was over I still had almost an hour to wait before boarding begins at what I think was gate D38. I took a few pictures and some video. None of the video is useful here but here are a few stills taken during this time.


Two views of Terminal D from approximately the same spot.

Everything went well with the boarding of American Flight 488 to Toronto. The departure from the gate was slightly delayed but close to on time (1:35PM) and there was another of those hi-speed taxis across the airport to the active runway and off we went after a bit of a wait.

The flight back had its bumps and jolts but nothing exceptional and we came up over Detroit and then over southwestern Ontario although I am not sure exactly over what areas ultimately landing on one of the two runways parallel with the 401 Highway at Pearson Airport. Arrival time was close to the scheduled time of 5:30PM and on to customs I went.

Customs was busy but for a change they had a large number of staff on and it did not take an unreasonable amount of time to clear it. What did seem to take an unusual amount of time was for my luggage to appear. Almost everyone else was gone before mine and a few others made its appearance. Because I was at DFW early it must have been put on the plane first so it was last to come off or something like that. At least it was there, which was a good thing.

After clearing the baggage claim area and the final customs person I went out and had to find the place to get the hotel bus. I had forgot to ask where they did their pickups when they brought me over at 4:00AM in the morning 2 weeks ago tomorrow. I found it, had to wait a while, and then it came and I returned to the hotel. Departure from the airport shortly after 7:00 I think.

After arrival I went and found the car. As sometimes happens in this hotel's parking lot there was a card about a local strip club stuck on the drivers side window. It had been quite hot in Toronto and the card had stuck to the window and left a mark on the glass. The card came off alright but the mark required a bit more work at a later date to remove.

The drive home was uneventful and arrival there was just before 9:00PM.

Thus endith Motor Coach Tour 2011.

The trip was very successful, with an excellent group, excellent tour director and driver and a bit less than (make that a lot less than) perfect weather. As far as the weather goes, I think that what reasonable weather we had, probably occurred on the days that we likely would have wanted it on the most. There were all the other arrangements (flights and the like) that worked as planned that made the trip go well, as well. Thanks again to Travel Agent Colleen for her assistance, above and beyond the call of duty again, as usual.

If you have read or viewed all the way through this site I hope you enjoyed it. I tried to cut down on some of the detail that was probably overkill on some of my previous trip sites. I hope I succeeded and you enjoyed it. There may be some incorrect facts, it is 3 months since I came back, and if so I apologize for that.

Back again soon......

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