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Vacation 2010 Home Page

This is the home page for my 2010 Europe\Mediterranean Cruise.

The cruise is called the "24 Day Black Sea & Egyptian Explorer" and is on the Holland America Ship the MS Westerdam. This cruise is the combination of two twelve day cruises. The first one is called "12 Day European Capitals". This seems a bit of a misnomer as most of the places it stops do not seem to be capitals in or of Europe. Here is a brief description of this first part of the cruise.

This cruise starts in Rotterdam, Holland (or The Netherlands) and sails down the English Channel to the Channel Islands, and then to Brest, France. From there it continues in the Atlantic Ocean down the west coast of Europe to Lisbon, Portugal. From there it sails through the Straights of Gibraltar to Cartagena and then Barcelona, Spain. It continues along the Mediterranean coast of Europe stopping at Monte Carlo, Chivitavecchia (for Rome), Italy, Katakolon, Greece and then Piraeus which is the port for Athens. With this stop in Athens the first of the two cruises concludes.

The second one is called "12 Day Black Sea, Egypt and Holy Lands". The name of this one makes more sense as you will see from the description of the ports of call below.

Later the same day the second cruise departs from Piraeus and heads for Istanbul, Turkey for an over night stay. From there it continues to Antalya and then Iskenderun both in Turkey. The next two stops are Haifa and then Ashdod both in Israel. After Israel the next stop is Alexandria, Egypt which is for Cairo and the pyramids and museum. The second to last stop is Kusadasi, Turkey which is for Ephesus. The final port is a second stop at Piraeus for Athens where the cruise ends. Assuming things are reasonably functional in Greece at this time I have a three night "Post Cruise Stay" booked in Athens.

Here is a map showing the entire cruise. The first cruise is to the west (or the left) of Piraeus (Athens) and the second cruise is to the east (or the right) of Piraeus.

Full Cruise Map

As I have done on past vacation web sites here is a calendar of the cruise. This will become the main index for the web pages to follow.

Update Note:
The update has been completed after almost three months (August 27th to November 22nd, 2011) of work. I hope you enjoy it!


September 6th
Labour Day
Day 1

Depart for Amsterdam

September 7th
Day 2

Arrive in Amsterdam
Transfer to Rotterdam
Depart on Cruise

September 8th
Day 3

St Peters Port,
Channel Islands

September 9th
Day 4

Brest, France

September 10th
Day 5

At Sea

September 11th
Day 6

Lisbon, Portugal

September 12th
Day 7

At Sea

September 13th
Day 8

Cartagena, Spain

September 14th
Day 9

Barcelona, Spain

September 15th
Day 10

Monte Carlo, Monaco

September 16th
Day 11

Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy

September 17th
Day 12

At Sea

September 18th
Day 13

Katakolon, Greece

September 19th
Day 14

Piraeus (Athens), Greece

September 20th
Day 15

Istanbul, Turkey

September 21st
Day 16

Istanbul, Turkey

September 22nd
Day 17

At Sea

September 23rd
Day 18

Antalya, Turkey

September 24th
Day 19

Iskenderun, Turkey

September 25th
Day 20

Haifa, Israel

September 26th,
Day 21

Ashdod (Jerusalem), Israel

September 27th
Day 22

At Sea

September 28th
Day 23

Alexandria (Cairo), Egypt

September 29th
Day 24

At Sea

September 30th
Day 25

Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey

October 1st
Day 26

Piraeus (Athens), Greece

October 2nd
Day 27

Athens, Greece

October 3rd
Day 28

Athens, Greece

October 4th
Day 29

Return Home
(Athens to Montreal to
Toronto to Brantford)

As you can see this is a very busy itinnery.

On to Day 1!!!!

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Created: August 1, 2010
Last Updated: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 11:09 AM