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Europe Cruise Day 28
Sunday, October 3rd
Athens, Greece (Day 3)

Today is one that you can do with what you will. They have some suggestions.

This full day is yours to explore Athens on your own. Your Tour Manager will be available to assist in arranging optional sightseeing tours such as the Corinth Canal or a half day tour to Cape Sounion.

Not much more to be said.

How it actually happened!!!
(written November, 2011)

The blog for today starts out like this..........

This last full day away was taken up with packing and taking some pictures around the area of the hotel. A number of the remaining members of the group (some had already headed home) just sat in the lobby of the hotel and talked. This went on for several hours then the items mentioned above continued.

The first group of pictures for this day are the ones I mentioned above that were taken in the morning. Here are a small selection of those.

Hotel 1 Hotel 2
The Athens Lendra Marriott Hotel where I was staying. The front of the hotel.
Grafitti 1 Grafitti 2
There was a lot of graffiti around.
Here is one of better quality and more unusual examples.
The road that the hotel was on had a number of pedestrian underpasses on it. This was the inside of one of them.
Road 1
The road in front of the hotel looking towards the hotel which is just beyond the blue building on the far side of the road in the right centre of the picture. That blue building was the marquee of the movie theatre.

The next blog excerpt talks about the evening but that also happened in the afternoon as well. The next group of pictures below this group might not have made sense unless I tell you this. From the blog.........

In the evening I went up to the 8th floor roof top restaurant called the Panorama Bar and Grill to enjoy the night time view of the Acropolis. The hotels swimming pool is located here as well.

This next group of pictures are the daytime equivalents of the nighttime ones you will see at the bottom of the page. Here are these.

Athens Daytime 1 Athens Daytime 2
A view looking towards the Piraeus section of Athens down the road in front of the hotel. It was a warm afternoon and you can see the sailboats out on the water.
Athens Daytime 3 Athens Daytime 4
Here is an even closer view of the sailboats. More of Athens to the right of the pictures above.
Athens Daytime 5 Athens Daytime 6
One last view of the sailboats taken about 6 minutes after the one above. You can see how the boats have moved around. One last view view looking towards the harbour.
Hotel 3 Acropolis Daytime 1
The hotel's roof top swimming pool. The Acropolis from the Panorama Bar and Grill.
Acropolis 2 Acropolis Daytime 3
A closer view. The sun as come out and shows it in all its glory.
Acropolis Daytime 4 Acropolis Daytime 5 (in the shade)
Filopapou Hill on the left with the Acropolis in the distance on the right all in the bright sunshine. It looks a bit different after the
cloud moved over and blocked the sun.

The blog's final entry for this day went as follows.........

I took many pictures of the area lit up at night. Athens does not have the most exciting sky line at night (except for the Acropolis). I think this is mainly because of the building restrictions that limit the height of the buildings so that the Acropolis is always visible. The Acropolis is not the highest place in the city but they do try to keep it the most visible. They seem to have been successful.

Here are some selected nighttime versions of the ones above.

Athens Nighttime 1 Athens Nighttime 2
Almost the same view as some of the ones above taken shortly after sunset. There is not a similar one to this in the daytime group above.
The Acropolis is the light section just above the centre.
Athens Nighttime 3 Athens Nighttime 4
A view looking a bit farther to the right of the right picture above.
The Acropolis is to the left and Mt. Lycabettus is in the centre.
Another view not included above. This is straight down in front of the hotel. The bright white sign is a strip club.
Athens Nighttime 5 Acropolis Nighttime 1
A similar view with slightly different lighting. This is the Acropolis taken just after sunset around the same time as the first one above with Filopapou Hill on the left.
Acropolis Nighttime 2 Acropolis Nighttime 3
Filopapou Hill on the left with the Acropolis on the right.
This picture was taken exactly 20 minutes after the left one above.
A closer view.
Acropolis Nighttime 4
A slightly wider view.

And for the final scenic picture taken in Greece (or anywhere for that matter) on this trip I offer this large version. It is probably what connects most people to Greece.

Acropolis Nighttime 5 Large

There were a couple of other pictures taken after this one but they were just to document things related to packing and so on.

The packing was concluded and so off to bed and to rest for the trip home tomorrow.

On to the final day, number 29!

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