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Europe Cruise Day 24
Wednesday, September 29th
At Sea

Day 24 Map

As you can see from the map, it takes a bit of time to get from Alexandria to Kusadasi. It is planned to be there at 7:00AM tomorrow.

See you there!

How it actually happened!!!
(written November, 2011)

There is not much to say about today and there are no pictures. The blog I wrote at the time says all that really needs to be said so here it is........

Day 23 is the final “At Sea” day and also the final day one can sleep in which the one in this case, did. The Disembarkation briefing was held this morning. Nothing new, just all the some old stuff I have heard before. I am in Group Red 2 which is expected to depart between 8:15 and 8:30AM Friday morning. For you people in the eastern time zone of North America that is between 1:15 and 1:30AM. There is one more stop before that, however!

It appears that I was still confused about what day number of the trip I was on. I guess it was day 23 of the cruise although with the way cruise days are usually counted today probably was really only day 22 with tomorrow being 23 and the final days arrival in Athens counted as 24. I am quite sure that the day number at the top of this page is the correct one as counted from when I left home, which is how I do it.

On to Day 25 (by this web sites count) and Kusadasi, Turkey for Ephesus!

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