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Europe Cruise Day 22
Monday, September 27th
At Sea

At noted in the title, there is another sea day scheduled. Here is the map. The blue line is showing approximately where the ship should be at noon.

Day 22 Map

Tomorrow, Alexandria, Egypt and Cairo and the pyramids.

How it actually happened!!!
(written November, 2011)

This day was a quiet one compared to the last two. The ship can do the distance between Ashdod and Alexandria in one day but the issue is one of politics and customs so it has to be done this way. It may also have had something to do with the fact that the ship had come from Israel as well. The very short blog note about today goes like this......

The ship had to stop at Port Said, Egypt to pick up the Egyptian immigration inspectors to stamp all 1900 passenger passports at noon today. The ship was there a bit early so had to wait for them. They are on now, madly stamping away. The ship is very slowly sailing from Port Said to Alexandria, Egypt. The ship can do the trip in about 10 hours normally. To allow for this immigration inspection process they cannot enter Egyptian waters until it is completed which might not be until sometime after midnight tonight.

It can also be noted that the route shown on the map at the top of the page would look a bit different if it showed the actual route. It would have gone much further south closer to the coast in the area around that bay you can see just below where the blue line stops. That bay is the Mediterranean entrance to the Suez Canal where Port Said is located. The first group of pictures below show a number of the ships anchored in the Mediterranean waiting their turn to pass through the canal. We had to anchor here to wait for the inspectors. These pictures had some technical problems that have been corrected as best as possible. Here they are.

Suez Ships 1 Suez Ships 2
Suez Ships 3 Suez Ships 4
Suez Ships 5 Pilot Ship
A large container ship. This may have been the ship/boat that brought the Egyptian immigration inspectors to the ship but I do not remember for sure.

As noted in the blog entry above the ship had to sail very slowly from here to Alexandria. I remember the Captain commenting that for the ship to work efficiently it had to maintain a certain speed. They had to anchor at Port Said because they just could not go slow enough to keep moving and wait the several hours they had to for the inspectors. Once the inspectors were on board, the ship still had to go slow on the second part of the journey but this time it was fast enough to not cause too much trouble.

The weather continued the hot and sunny boring ways of the last several days as well.

These last two pictures are of what I think is one oil rig that we slowly sailed by off the Egyptian coast.

Oil Rig 1 Oil Rig 2

So this day ended. I spent most of it writing the Blog entry for the last two days in Israel and today as well.

On to Alexandria, Cairo and the pyramids tomorrow day 23 of the trip!

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