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Europe Cruise Day 18
Thursday, September 23rd
Antalya, Turkey

Arrival here is scheduled for 7:00AM. Here is the map so you know where it is.

Day 18 Map

Here is the time so you know the time difference.


The shore excursion for today is called Perge, the City of Artemis & Aspendos and is scheduled to leave at 8:30AM and last 4 1/2 hours. Here is the description.

Visit the ancient cities of Perge and Aspendos to view Roman and Hellenistic ruins. Perge contains ruins that date back to 1000 BC. The theatre seated 14,000 and its ruins are in relatively good condition. Here, worship of Artemis was far more important than that of the male gods, and the dominant motif used in art and on coins was Artemis of Perge. See the Basilica of Perge, the 2nd-century stadium, the Roman Gate located on the outer wall, the Baths complex, and the Hellenistic Gate. A colonnaded street stretches from the gate to the Nymphaeum, and the agora (marketplace) is a small rectangle surrounded by shops. Aspendos, the major port city in the Roman period, was founded on a hilltop near the Eurymedon River and later spread down to the plain. Only parts of the city have been excavated but the Roman Theatre is the best preserved in the Mediterranean. Its capacity is estimated at 20,000 people. From a distance you will see the remains of a marketplace, a basilica, shops and a Nymphaeum. Water was brought to the city through a spectacular aqueduct of which four long sections are very well preserved. After your visit, return to the ship.

The ship is scheduled to depart at 3:00PM heading for Iskenderun, Turkey tomorrow.

How it actually happened!!!
(written November, 2011)

The blog entry for today seems to be a good place to start so here it is......

Day 18 began with the ship docking at Antalya a few minutes early. The weather here was again hazy sun (hazier as the day progressed), almost no clouds, and the high temperatures in the low 30’s C or around 86F. Yes, it was very warm out there!

Today’s excursion took me to Perge (pronounced Perga) and a well preserved Roman theatre and partial aqueduct in Aspendos (pronounced just about the way it is spelled). Perge is not exactly the most exciting place unless a person is dealing with ruins. If you are really into the history of the area or archaeology, then this may prove extremely interesting but generally to me it was more ruins. It is interesting to see just how advanced some of those early civilizations were. We spent just over an hour and a half there with a good chunk of it being given to the guide describing in much detail what was there. We then had about 25 minutes of free time to look around ourselves and visit the inevitable souvenir shop.

The first group of pictures was taken from the coach as the excursion departed Antalya heading for Perge.

Antalya 1 Antalya 2
This is is or was a Crown Plaza hotel in Antalya. If you look closely at the tops of the buildings you can see the solar hot water heaters that they have been using here for years.
Antalya 3 Antalya 4
I wonder what this colourful ad on the side of this bus is for? I would guess maybe a massage parlour or the like.
If you can read Turkish you will know.
I think these are peaches of something like that.

Since I am no historian I will let the people who know about these places tell you a little bit about them. What follows are two pictures, one of the introduction sign to the Perge site, and one of a map that was on the same sign.

Perge Sign 2

The map of the site.

Perge Sign 1

What follows are some of the pictures I took at the site. I may be able to identify some of them based on other pictures I have as references but probably not all of them. Here we go......

Perge 1 Perge 2
This is the Stadium which is outside the main site. Some of the ruins that are in better shape than many of the rest.
This was the Roman gate of Perge.
Perge 3 Perge 4
This might be a Roman Door. You can see from the guide holding the sign that I was in group 24.
Perge 6 Perge 7
Some sculpted marble. Part of the South or Roman baths.
Some of the better preserved ruins located here.
Perge 8 Perge 9
The Frigidarium portion of the Baths I think. And more baths.
Perge 10 Perge 11
I am not sure where this is but it may be part of the baths. Some of the better preserved ruins.
Perge 12 Perge 13
This is part of the Agora or shopping area. More Agora with a Colonnaded Street in the background.
Perge 14 Perge 15
Shops were around the outside with something like a town square or the like in the centre. The sign says there is a canal just below it.
Perge 16 Perge 17
This is part of the Hellenistic Gate. Another part of the Agora.
Perge 18
A general view of the area.

Perge Panorama 1

This is a three picture panorama made of two pictures taken vertically and one taken horizontally.
If I had been thinking of a panorama at the time I would have take them all vertically.
I probably was not thinking panorama or maybe the heat was getting to me.
I think this was in the area around the South Baths.


The blog continues as the excursion moves on to Aspendos.....

The second and last stop on this excursion was at the ancient town of Aspendos about a half hours drive from Perge. Most of the town has been destroyed over the years due to various wars and natural cataclysms but for some reason that either was not explained or I did not hear the explanation of, this Roman theatre has survived almost intact along with several sections of an aqueduct. By current estimates it seats about 15,000 people. It had all those gory things that tended to go on in Roman coliseums and theatres, as well as more cultured things somewhat later. Apparently it is likely the best example of a Roman theatre still in existence.

Here are some pictures of the theatre. The first pictures lets the experts do the talking again, like above. The english, again like above, may not the best but it does get the information across.

Aspendos Sign

Aspendos Panorama 1

What you see when you enter the theatre.

Aspendos Theatre 1 Aspendos Theatre 5
The stage area. I climbed all the way to the top for these next pictures. The previous picture and the panorama above were taken from a spot in the lower left corner of this picture.
Aspendos 3 Aspendos Theatre 4
The stage area from the top centre. This is what you see when you look the other way from where the previous picture was taken.
Aspendos Panorama 2
This two image panorama shows almost the entire theatre from the opposite side from where I entered.
You can see that entrance on the right side of this picture.
The stage is hidden by a wall from this location and is further to the right

Aspendos 6

I thought this was cute.
The two camels are checking everything out and their keeper is talking on a cell phone in the background.

The blog continues......

There was about 30 minutes here then we drove a short distance to the aqueduct. There was a stop for a picture, which in my opinion was not the place that one would really want to pick to take a picture of the best parts from. I will include this picture on the web site when I do it.

Here are the the pictures of this.

Aspendos Aquaduct 1 Aspendos Aquaduct 2
The better view (in my opinion at least) of the aqueduct. This is not that bad but this is the view where we stopped.

From here the excursion returned to the ship which I think was about 60 minutes from here. Once back I took a few pictures of the area around where the ship was docked. Here are some of those.

Antalya Panorama 1

This is a two picture panorama taken from the ships port of left side.

Antalya Port 1 Antalya Port 2
This restaurant is on top the tallest mountain in the panorama above. Apparently it is really difficult to get to due to winding roads. As you may be able to read from the sign, this is the Antalya Cruise Ship terminal.

The final blog entry that refers to this day would seem to be the best conclusion to this day.....

The ship was scheduled to sail at 3:00PM from here but was delayed. Apparently some people had to leave the ship here and this caused the delay. This did not come from any announcement but from observation. I think the delay was 15 or 20 minutes but the ship is now on its way to Iskenderun, Turkey, the next stop. Scheduled arrival is tomorrow, day 18, at 8:00AM. The shore excursion for tomorrow is “The Best of Antakya”. For you biblical scholars out there, Antakya stands for Antioch, sound familiar?

On to Day 19!

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