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Europe Cruise Day 17
Wednesday, September 22nd
At Sea

Today is a non stop day at sea. From the map below you can see that it is a fair distance from Istanbul to Antalya.

Day 17 Map

Even though this map is not likely to scale, you can still see that the distance is substantial.

Not much more to be said for this day. On to Day 18 and Antalya.

How it actually happened!!!
(written November, 2011)

We start from the blog.....

Day 17 completed with the ship continuing on towards Antalya, Turkey. The weather was hazy sunshine with a few clouds here and there and a temperature of between 75 and 80F or high 20’s C.

Nothing much else happened this day as I remember but the fact that it is now almost 14 months later does not help my remembering.

It appears that I did take some pictures of the sun as it was setting off the back of the ship which at this point seemed to be heading east. Here are the best of those pictures.

Sunset 1 Sunset 2
The sun setting behind the ship. A bit later (3 minutes to be exact). You can see the contrail of the airplane in the pictures below in the upper right of this image.
Sunset 4 Sunset 5
Taken 9 minutes after the one directly above. Taken three minutes after the previous one.
Island 1
I have no idea what island this is, or exactly where it is, but the ship passed it at 7:12 PM on the way to Antalya.

In some of the sunset pictures above you can see a contrail of an airplane. The following two pictures show the plane as taken and a close up of the plane

Airplane 1 Airplane Close-up
These two pictures are actually two views of the same picture, the right one being an enlarged section of the left one.
This was taken between the top two and the bottom two sunset pictures in the group above.

Well, that seems to be all for today. On to Day 18 and Antalya.

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