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Europe Cruise Day 10
Wednesday, September 15th
Monte Carlo, Monaco

Arrival here is scheduled for 10:00AM. The time zone is still Central European, same as Spain. Here is the map, just in case you cannot remember where Monte Carlo is.

Day 10 Map

There is not too much rush here as the shore excursion called Panoramic Riviera does not leave until 12:15PM. If I remember right Monte Carlo is a tender port which means they use several of the life boats to ferry passengers to the shore. Here is the description for Panoramic Riviera.

Begin with a drive on the Great Corniche—the highest of the three roads on the Riviera. Below you is a marvellous panorama of the Italian coast, Cap Ferrat, Eze, and the principality of Monaco. You will pass by the village of La Turbie, then cross the Middle Corniche (1,217 feet) where the descent begins. Stop in the square at the foot of Eze village. Above you, this strangely isolated settlement clings to a rocky spike. From a viewpoint on the Middle Corniche you will see from the tip of Cap d'Ail to the Estérel, Beaulieu, Nice, Villefranche-sur-Mer, and Cap d'Antibes. Passing through the city of Nice, you will drive by Beaulieu and Eze-sur-Mer. Cypress trees and pines line the way through Cap d'Ail as your coach returns to Monaco via the Lower Corniche.

All this is scheduled to take three and a half hours. The ship is scheduled to depart at 5:00PM heading for Civitavecchia and Rome.

How it actually happened!!!
(written October, 2011)

The Blog posting says what needs to be said at this point quite well so here it is.

Today’s port of call was Monte Carlo, Monaco. The captain took a slightly indirect route to get here from Barcelona. Apparently the straight line or shortest distance between the two points route was rather lacking in scenery. So the route was altered slightly so that for the last 2 hours of the approach to Monaco, the ship was sailing just off the coast of the French Riviera. This means that from the port side of the ship one could see the French part of the Riviera from what I think was Cannes where the film festival is held all the way to Monaco. The main sight in there is Nice which I would see again later from the land side. The ship started across about 7:30AM and completed it with the docking at the new cruise ship pier in Monaco at about 9:50 this morning. The way this new pier is built requires some fancy manoeuvring by the captain to get the ship docked. As with all the rest it was executed flawlessly. 

What follows below are a number of pictures taken along the French Riviera starting just west of Cannes (best known for its yearly film festival) up to when the ship docked in Monaco.

FR 1 FR 2
Our first sight of the French Riviera. The harbour of Cannes, France.
FR 3 FR 4
I believe this is Île Saint Honorat off the coast from Cannes. The church is Lérins Abby I think. (The spelling may be incorrect.) Looking back past Ile Saint Honorat with the west side of Cannes in the distance.
FR 5 FR 6
I think this is still Cannes but looking past an inner island called Île Sainte-Marguerite. More of Cannes or possibly a city to the east called Antibes.
FR 7 FR 8
Looking back at Cannes in the distance and likely Antibes in the foreground to the right. Here looking past Antibes on the left towards Nice in the distance on the right.
FR 9 FR 10
The west side of Nice. The round thing visible on the right is a ferris or observation wheel which I think is in one of possibly several amusement parks located in this general area.
(A best guess based on Google Maps).
This gives you an idea of what it actually looked like from the ship.
FR 11 FR 13
This is a hotel which I think is the
Port St. Laurent Holiday Inn and Resort.
(A best guess again based on Google Maps.)
This is (without any doubt) the Cote d'Azur Airport in Nice.
FR 12 FR 14
The eastern side of Nice with a plane that had just taken of from the Cote d'Azur Airport. This is, I believe, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat which is a peninsula that juts out into the Mediterranean Sea just east of Nice.
FR 15 FR 16
This is probably Vilefranche-sur-Mur just east of Nice. The high bridge on the side of the mountain is just west of the town of Eze. You will see this picture again later.
FR 17 FR 18
The area between Eze and Monte Carlo. Some rather rugged hills in some spots.
FR 19 FR 20
Another small town along the coast. An observatory.
FR 21 FR 22
Nearing Monte Carlo. Check out the ship along the shore.
FR 23 FR 24
Approaching Monte Carlo. It is at the far right in this picture. Some of the local marine traffic.
MC from Sea 1 MC From Sea 2
Closer to Monte Carlo. One of the most recognizable sights of Monte Carlo, Monaco,
the Oceanographic Museum.
MC From Sea 3 MC  From Sea 4
You can see just about all of the Principality of Monaco in this picture. Looking back the way the ship has come.
MC From Sea 5 MC From Sea 6
The museum along the shore. The harbour of Monte Carlo, Monaco with its new cruise ship dock on the left.

MC New Cruise Pier

The new (at the time this was taken at least) cruise ship dock.

Harbour 1 Harbour from Stateroom
More of the local marine traffic. The view out my cabin/stateroom window once docked.

The panorama below gives you an idea what it looked like from the ship once it was docked.

Monte Carlo Panorama

The blog entry continues......

My shore excursion, which was called Panoramic Riviera, was not scheduled to depart until 12:30PM. This made it a restful morning with time to have lunch before departure. Monaco is not very big, as I suspect most people know. In fact it is just 2 square kilometres or about 0.75 of a square mile in area. You do not need to drive for very long to leave it. There are three corniche's or roads that cross the Riviera, the upper, the middle, and the lower one. At various points during this excursion the bus was on all 3 of them. My bus with 43 people on it, there was at least one more possible 2 more buses, left Monaco on the Upper Corniche heading towards Nice. There was a stop to take pictures of Monaco just before leaving it for France which completely surrounds it.

Here are some of the pictures taken at that first picture stop.

Shore Excursion 1 SE 3
The Westerdam at the new dock. A wider view with the ship in the centre and the Royal Palace on the hill to the right.
SE 4 SE 7
Most of Monte Carlo. More of the local marine traffic.

SE 8

Everyone wants the great pictures available here.
This location is just on the Monaco side of the border with France.

The blog does not mention this for some reason, but to get to the Upper Corniche one has to travel across the top of Monte Carlo and then head back to the west towards the next stop. Here are several pictures taken while this was happening. These are not the best as they were taken into the sun and out of a moving motor coach window along with some reflections on that window.

SE 9 SE 10
The green roof of the famous casino in the lower centre with the back end of the ship as well. Looking at Monte Carlo from the east looking west from the Upper Corniche
SE 12 SE 13
Ships and boats at anchor. Similar to the one above from almost
as far east as the coach went.

The blog continues.....

From there the excursion continued to a little touristy village called Eze. There was the mandatory stop (45 minutes) for souvenirs and washroom break (40 Euro cents to use it) and then continued on to Nice via the middle corniche.

Here are some photos of Eze, France.

SE Eze 1 SE Eze 2
An observatory on the hill. It seems to me it belongs to someone important but I do not remember who now.
The marks at the top are a window reflection
The church on the hill among with an old fort.
SE Eze 4 SE Eze 3
A closer view of the church. Looking the other way from almost the same spot.
Eze Panorama
This panorama was taken from just above a parking lot looking back towards the centre of town which is just a block or two away.
SE Eze 5 SE Eze 6
More houses on a different hill. The main street of Eze with the bridge
(seen below) in the distance.
SE Eze 7 SE Eze 9
The coach park. The main street looking the other way from the one above.
SE Eze 8 FR From Sea 16
The bridge just west of Eze. The bridge in the centre of this picture (taken from the ship earlier as it sailed by) is the same as the one that is in the picture to the left and the picture two above. The town of Eze is just to the right of the bridge, on and behind the hill you can see there. The church pictured above is on the backside of that hill.

After leaving Eze the excursion headed towards Nice passing this along the way......

SE To Nice

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat again, this time from the Middle Corniche.

From the blog......

Once there, there was a photo stop at a view point over looking the city.

This panorama shows Nice from that viewpoint looking from the east to the west.

Nice Panorama 1

Again from the blog......

Apparently things were going well so they took us on a short tour of Nice (that was not normally part of this excursion) and then headed back to Monaco via the lower corniche.

SE Nice 4 SE Nice 5
The downtown section of Nice. A beach on the east side of Nice.
SE Nice 6 SE Nice 7
A cruise ship in Nice's small harbour. The area around the harbour.

SE Nice 8

Another view of the other side of the harbour with a nasty window reflection just left of centre.

Here are some photos taken as the coach returned to Monte Carlo via the Lower Corniche.

SE Returning 1 SE Returning 2
A small town along the coast. More of the local marine traffic.
SE Returning 3 SE Returning 4
Another small town nearing Monte Carlo. More (rather spiffy) local marine traffic.
SE Returning 5 FR 22
This ship, called the Ulysses, was anchored
in a cove along the coast.
If you look real hard at water level just right of centre near the coast you can see the Ulysses in this picture taken as the ship passed by earlier today.

Back at the ship I took some additional pictures with the light being a bit different than earlier. Here are four of those.

MC Harbour PM 1 MC Harbour PM 2
A really sleek three masted vessel. A few of the locals boats (ships?) were docked near my ship.
MC Harbour PM 3 MC Harbour PM 4
Part of the harbour area in the later afternoon sun. You may remember this one from above. I think it is the same one.

This last entry from the blog for this day......

The ships departure was scheduled for 5:00PM and the process began at 4:50PM. Due to the tricky manoeuvring necessary it took a bit longer than some but again it was executed perfectly and the ship is now on its way to Civitavecchia, Italy by 7:00AM tomorrow. Apparently Holland America’s newest ship the Niew Amsterdam, launched only 2 months ago, will be docked just ahead of us there.

Here are the last pictures, taken as the ship left Monte Carlo, Monaco heading for Civitavecchia, Italy the port for and gateway to Rome.

MC Departure 1 MC Departure 2
Sailing away from Monaco. Looking east up the coast towards Italy.
MC Departure 3 MC Departure 5
Another one of the bridges to the east. A look farther east up the coast towards Italy.

MC Departure 4

One last view of Monaco (slightly left of centre) with the sea haze hanging over it.

So ends a busy time in Monte Carlo, Monaco. On to Day 11 and Rome and The Vatican.

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