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Europe Cruise Day 5
Friday, September 10th
At Sea

If you look at the cruise map below, the distance between Brest and Lisbon appears to be the longest or second longest distance sailed on the entire cruise. The blue line on this map is approximately where I think the ship will be at noon on this day.

Day 5 Map

There is not much more that can be said about today. One can hope that the North Atlantic will not be too active for this trip.

The next stop is tomorrow morning at Lisbon, Portugal.

How it actually happened!!!
(written September, 2011)

The blog entry for this day pretty much says it all. Here it is.....

Well, day 5 is here and the ship has just rounded the west coast of Spain heading for Lisbon, Portugal, just about half way between Brest and Lisbon. The weather is partly cloudy with the temp in the mid 60’s F or about 18C. According to the captain this is unusually calm weather for this time of year in this area of the North Atlantic.

Many people are out around the 2 major pools here. It still is a bit cool but some are working on their suntans as well.

Most of this day was spent writting the blog entry, which was the first one to include some pictures. Most of the pictures that I included in this blog entry have been used on the pages for the previous days here. There is no need to repeat them. There is one that has not been seen before and it is this one......


taken by one of the ship's photographers at dinner one night previous to today.

The day proceeded on without any issues, so on to Lisbon, Portugal and Fatima tomorrow.

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