Europe Cruise Day 1
Monday, September 6th
Departure for Amsterdam

As with any trip the first day starts with "getting there". After all, they say that this is half the fun, right? Ha, Ha!

KLM flight 692 to Amsterdam to scheduled to leave Toronto at 5:55PM and arrive early tomorrow morning. I will probably need to be at the airport by 3:00PM to deal with all the checkin issues.

Not much more to be said about today at this point.

On to tomorrow!

How it actually happened!!!
(written Nov. 20, 2010)

What follows is part of the Blog entry I created for this day after arrival on the ship on Day 2.

I write this as the ship sails from Rotterdam across the North Sea heading for St Peter Port in the Channel Islands. But let us not get ahead of ourselves here. The departure from Brantford went without any problems. I left Brantford about 10 to 2P.M. expecting to encounter much Labour Day traffic. Airlink whizzed down the QEW and up the 403 and on to the 401 and 427 to the airport arriving there just around 3:00. None could figure out where all the traffic was but it sure was not anywhere I was.

Since I had completed an online check in things went so fast that I was reading for security at 3:10. For the record the suitcase weighed exactly 47 pounds. My baggage scale had broken and we were using a bathroom scale to gauge the weight of the checked bag. We had come up with 47.8 so I think we did pretty well.

One thing I had missed doing before leaving was recording my new laptop computer with Customs so I could get it back into the country when I came home. With all the spare time I had I was able to do this at the airport as well.

So after all this was completed, I went through security without incident and was at the gate by 3:30 for a flight that was scheduled to leave at 5:55PM. I was there before the plane was. While waiting at the gate, the Snowbirds aerobatic team did a flyover of Pearson Airport and Terminal 3 after the CNE air show ended. After that all went well and the plane pushed away at 5:40PM, 15 minutes early. The plane actually lifted off the runway at exactly 6:00PM. It was cloudy all the way to New Brunswick and then cleared for the starting the Trans Atlantic crossing. I have notes about when the plane crossed this shore line and so on but none of that is needed here.

Here are some of the items from those notes I mentioned above. These notes say that I was at the gate at 3:10PM and that I boarded the plane at 5:20PM. I was in seat 24A for this flight. Here is a picture of the plane at the gate at Pearson Airport in Toronto.

KLM 662 at Toronto

As noted above (probably using these same notes) plane pushed away from the gate at 5:40PM and taxied to the east end of the runway beside highway 401 and took off at 6:00PM. Considering the plane was not scheduled to leave the gate until 5:55PM I thought this was pretty good.
The plane took off to the west, then turned south out over Lake Ontario, flew along the shore by Exhibition Place and downtown Toronto then to the east-northeast. The map system on the plane predicted the arrival in Amsterdam at 6:16AM which was pretty close as you will see on tomorrows page. The route the flight took from here followed the St Lawrence River, south of Montreal, where I will return to 28 days from today, then over New Brunswick, and out over the Gulf of St Lawrence. It got dark at 7:50PM EDT about midway across the Gulf. At this point in time the plane was at 37,000 feet and traveling approximately 1000 kilometres per hour. It was cloudy all the way to here so there was not to much to see out the window. Shortly after this it went north of Gander NL. at which point these was approximately 2540 miles (around 4000 kilometres) to go to Amsterdam.
The plane started out over the Atlantic Ocean at approximately 8:10 PM EDT and increased altitude to 38,000 feet shortly after this. This started the ocean crossing that takes about 3 hours and finishes tomorrow morning on the Day 2 page.

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