Vacation 2009 Home Page

This is the home page for the 2009 vacation cruise to South America.

The cruise starts in Chile and heads south rounding Cape Horn at the very bottom of South America. The ship then crosses the passage (what I believe is called the Drake Passage in the calendar below) between South America and Antarctica and sails as close to the shore as it can to show passengers what can be seen from the ship. What is seen here depends a lot on weather and ice conditions so it is hard to predict exactly. The map below shows the sites they hope to show passengers in Antartica. Three days are spent in this area then the ship heads north to the Falkland Islands, then Buenos Aires, Argentina; Montevideo, Uruguay; finishing up in Rio De Janerio. I am staying two extra nights on a Post Cruise package add on then returning.

Here is a map showing the cruise.

2009 Cruise Map

Here is a calendar showing the events and places as currently planned.


January 23rd
Day 1

Depart for Chile

January 24th
Day 2

Arrive in Chile

Depart on Cruise

January 25th
Day 3

At Sea

January 26th
Day 4

Puerto Montt,

January 27th
Day 5

Scenic Cruising
Darwin Channel
& Chilean Fjords

January 28th
Day 6

Scenic Cruising
Amalia Glacier
Canal Sarmiento

January 29th
Day 7

Punta Arenas,
Scenic Cruising

January 30th
Day 8

Scenic Cruising and Ushuaia, Argentina

January 31st
Day 9

Scenic Cruising Cape Horn & Drake Passage

February 1st
Day 10

Antarctica Day 1

February 2nd
Day 11

Antarctica Day 2

February 3rd
Day 12

Antarctica Day 3

February 4th
Day 13

At Sea

February 5th
Day 14

Port Stanley,
Falkland Islands

February 6th
Day 15

At Sea

February 7th
Day 16

At Sea

February 8th
Day 17

Buenos Aires, Argentina

February 9th
Day 18

Montevideo, Uruguay

February 10th
Day 19

At Sea

February 11th
Day 20

At Sea

February 12th
Day 21

Rio de Janeiro
Day 1

February 13th
Day 22

Rio de Janeiro
Day 2

Leave the cruise for Hotel

February 14th
Day 23

Rio de Janeiro
Day 3

February 15th
Day 24

Rio de Janeiro
Day 4

Leave for home at 10:30 PM Local time. (8:30 EST)

February 16th
Day 25

Arrive in Atlanta, at 6:30 AM (EST)
Leave for Toronto at 9:40 AM arriving at Noon

It is my hope that as the cruise progresses the web page for each day will be created and uploaded to this site. If there is one available the date should be a link that will take you to the appropriate page. Usually the pages are created on the days listed as "At Sea" above. Sometimes some get done at other times but not often. The pages for Rio de Janeiro will not likely get created until after I return.

Created: January 13, 2009
Last Updated: Saturday, March 14, 2009 8:58 PM