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Vacation Day 9
Saturday , January 31st
Crossing the Drake Passage

Today the ship continued its somewhat choppy crossing of the Drake Passage between Cape Horn and the Antarctic Peninsula. The passage is approximately 600 miles (about 1000 Kilometres) wide at the point where we crossed it. The map below shows the route.

HA Map

At 2:30PM the ship crossed Latitude 60 degrees 00 minutes South which is considered under the Antarctic Treaty to be the northern boundary of Antarctica. We crossed it at Longitude 65 degrees 10 minutes West. Once you cross 60 degrees South all kinds of complicated rules and regulations kick in. Even though we were technically in Antarctica we did not actually see it until the next morning.

Not much else happened this day. I spent more time tinkering with web pages and took some pictures of the somewhat agitated ocean. Here are some of those.

Drake Passage 1
Drake Passage 2
Drake Passage 3
Drake Passage 4

Note: the bottom two were taken through a somewhat dirty window.

Late in the day this personalized certificate arrived at every bodies cabin on the ship. It is slightly reduced in size from the original.

Explorating Antarctica Certificate

I had a bit of a chuckle about this as we are not to Antarctica yet but we had survived what seemed to us to be a fairly rough encounter with the waters around Cape Horn.

And this completed the excitement for this day. It was probably a good thing that there was not too much excitement as the next three days would more than make up for the missing excitement today.

A note about the next web pages to come, which are about Antarctica:
There are many, many pictures of this area, 443 on day 1, 283 on day 2, and 383 on day 3 for a total of 1109. It may take me a bit longer to figure out which ones I want to use on the Antarctica pages. Over the next day or so I expect to do this. I am just warning you in case the next pages take a bit longer to appear than some of the earlier ones have. I will upload each days page as I finish it. We have been told by the Ice Pilot that we were incredibly lucky to see as much as we did.

Created: February 6, 2009 on the MS Amsterdam on the way from the Falkland Islands to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Certificate added February 26, 2009 at home.

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