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Vacation Day 5
Tuesday , January 27th
At Sea (Darwin Channel & Chilean Fjords)

Todays's major item on the agenda is the passage through Darwin Channel. It almost seems anticlimactic after the excitement of receiving my luggage yesterday. Not much else happened this day, just cruising through more and more Chilean fjords.

You can see where the Darwin Channel is located on the map below.

HA Map

Here are a collection of pictures of the transit through the Darwin Channel. There is no reason to describe them as there is not much to be said. I may caption one or two. The sail through the passage took just a couple of hours and started just after 7:00AM in the morning as the sun was rising.

Darwin Channel 1
Darwin Channel 2

Darwin Channel 3

If you look on the right side of this island you will see some some seals.

Darwin Channel 4
Darwin Channel 5

Darwin Channel Exit to Pacific

The exit from the Darwin Channel to the Pacific Ocean. Things got somewhat rougher once we got out there.

The rest of this day was spent sailing through the complex maize of the fjords and out at sea. Much of the rest of this day was taken up with the creation of the web pages for the first two vacation days.

On to day 6 an the Amailia Glacier.

Created: January 30, 2009 on the MS Amsterdam just out of the Beagle Channel and in the Atlantic Ocean heading for Cape Horn.
Note: this description will not jive with the calendar on the home page or any thing else describing the itinerary for this day. A planned stop had to be left out this day and things had to be changed at the last minute. See the page for Day 8, January 30th for the details of what happened.
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