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Vacation Day 3
Sunday, January 25th
At Sea

For the calculation of the number of days of the cruise, this is considered to be day 2. Cruise day 2 began without luggage. It is an interesting process dealing with the issues that this causes. I will not go into details but lets just say that was what went on most of this day. There were reports for Holland America that needed to be created and until they had a chance to deal with them not much more could be done. In all the confusion of this I do not remember whether or not I did the report last night or early this day (since I am writing this on Wednesday, January 28th). It does not really matter exactly which day as long as it was done. Since this was a day at sea as they say, I looked around the ship and took some pictures, several of which are included below.

Ships Wake day 2 Deck 11
Weather on the fist day was not too bad. Warm and sunny. It was fairly windy and the seas were quite active.
Almost the highest part of the ship the passengers are allowed to access.
Perpetual Clock #1
Perpetual Clock #2
This four sided perpetual clock stands three decks high. It sits on deck 3 and goes up through decks 4 and 5. This is the clock side, if you can figure out how to read it. This side, which is directly opposite the previous picture supposedly shows the current time in the time zones around the world. It did not seem to be right to me. At the very top (the blue circle) is a dome with the Zodiac on it. The arm at the top with the earth on it is called a tellurium and shows the position of the moon and earth relative to each other.
Perpetual Clock #4
Perpetual Clock #3
Every hour, on the hour, the clock chimes by playing some music on these bells hung below the rest of the clock. I have no idea what the tune is. It sounds like something Dutch.
The astronomical part of the clock, from the top. You can also see the tellurium to the right at the top.

There are a couple of general things to add about the perpetual clock shown in the pictures above. One thing is that a good part of it does not work. Nobody seems to be too sure just how much does and does not work. There does not seem to be anyone here who knows how to read it. Apparently the astronomical parts are designed to be accurate to what would be seen in Amsterdam, Holland. (After all, the ship is named the MS Amsterdam!) The time part does move but as I mention in the caption, there is some uncertainty as to what it means. As far as I can tell all the gears that you can see in the pictures are just for looks. Most of them are not connected to anything. Additional info added January 31st. It is called the Clock Tower Planeto Astrolabium.

There are some lectures about issues and geography related to Antarctica. I decided to attend some of these and the two different ones I attended today were very interesting and I will be attending more. Usually there is one at 11:00 and 2:00 most sea days. (Along with the baggage problem this will probably delay the these web pages from getting done as fast as I thought they might.)

Around noon there was a voice mail from the ships Front Office as they call the Purser's Office saying that the paper work for the baggage claim had been sent to their contacts on land and they would get back with news as soon as they had some.

The afternoon progressed and I thought I should write my friendly travel agent Colleen an email about this. It took me several hours to get all the detail that I thought needed to be included in it. Colleen would probably say I gave her way too much detail in the message but I thought too much would be better than too little. Just as I was completing it I got a phone call. I do not get many phone calls on cruise ships so I answered and it was the Front Office calling to say that they had received information that they had located 2 pieces of baggage that they believed were mine. They were in Santiago somewhere, they never said where. They were to be flown to Puerto Montt, Chile (the ship's first stop) on Monday and were expected to be there around 12:30PM. They would pick them up at the airport, and transfer them to the ship. Hurray, I thought!!! I added this information to the not yet completed email to Colleen and then sent it. I am always a bit sceptical about this type of thing until I actually see it happen. This will not be until late afternoon tomorrow because I am out on a day long shore excursion tomorrow.

I had dinner and had another night without baggage. Maybe today will be the last one. Let us hope so!

Tomorrow, Puerto Montt our first stop on the cruise.

Created: January 28, 2009 on the MS Amsterdam off the coast of the Patagonia region of Chile.
Last updated: March 16, 2009 1:33 PM

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