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Vacation Day 20
Wednesday, February 11th
At Sea

Today is the last day "At Sea" for this cruise. Here is the map, probably for the last time.

HA Map

Today at noon the ship was located at position 27°10'0 South 046°25'0 West which puts the ship somewhere between two thirds and three quarters of the way along the line between Montevideo and Rio on the map above.

The temperature at noon today was 82°F or 28°C and the weather was mostly sunny and quite humid.

I did not take any pictures again today. I think I must have figured I had enough pictures of the ocean by now and there was not much else to take pictures of.

One difference today was that they had the disembarkation talk and crew farewell. They had it today because even though the cruise actually ends on Friday most of the people would be off the ship tomorrow in Rio, so they did it today. It was no different than any other one of these I have seen so I will not make any further note of it here. I did attend it though. Below is a picture taken from some High Definition video of the Crew Farewell portion of this event.

Crew Farewell

Most of the rest of the day was spent creating the first part of the web page for Day 11 which is Antarctica Day 2. Again breaks were taken to enjoy the nice weather and nothing much else happened. I think I did more "enjoying" and less "creating" today.

So, on to the conclusion of the sailing part of the cruise, early tomorrow morning in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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