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Vacation Day 19
Tuesday, February 10th
At Sea

Today was the second to last of those ever exciting days "At Sea" this time on the way to Rio de Janeiro. Here is the map.

HA Map

Today at noon the ship was located at position 32°39'0 South 051°28'0 West which but us about a quarter of the way up the line between Montevideo and Rio.

I did not take any pictures today. As I remember the weather was partly cloudy and the noon temperature was 75 F or 24 C.

Most of today was spent finishing the creation of the web page for day 10, the first day in Antarctica. I also stopped to enjoy the nice weather from time to time as well.

The other thing that happened today, but I did not attend, was the Dessert Extravaganza. This is where they make all kinds of desserts and display them around the indoor pool. This is also where they have a chocolate fountain and dip things such as strawberries in it. It is very similar from cruise to cruise so I did not bother to go. I doubt I missed much. If you really want to see one you can look at the 2008 cruise. That one is well documented.

Not much else happened, so we may as well go on to Day 20 and another exciting day "At Sea".

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