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Vacation Day 16
Saturday, February 7th
At Sea

As indicated yesterday the ship is sailing the ocean blue for the second of the two "At Sea" days between Stanley and Buenos Aires. Yesterday at noon we were at approximately 45 degrees South. Today the ship is located at approximately 36.4 degrees south which means we are getting ever closer to the Equator and as a result the temperatures are getting ever warmer. Today's noon temperature is 68 degrees F (20C) and again partly cloudy.

One of the things that happened today was me starting to create the web page for the first day in Antarctica. It required some "deep thought" to figure out how best to present the Antarctic Experience and as a result the creation went slowly. As you may have noted on the Day 10 page, it took me two days, with two days in between, to come up with something that I thought might work. (I hope it has worked!)

As I indicated yesterday, there are a few pictures for today. First, here are a few taken just around 11:00AM.

Ships Wake 1
Ocean 1
Here is the ship's wake as it was traveling at approximately 18 knots.
The South Atlantic Ocean a couple of hundred nautical miles south of Buenos Aires.
Ocean 2
Ocean 3
More ocean.
Looks the same on the other side of the ship too.

As many of you, who have seen some of my previous cruise web sites know, I have a certain fondness for Holland America's Towel Animals. My cabin steward on this cruise seemed especially good at making them. Some of the ones early in the cruise were not so interesting but as the cruise progressed they got more interesting. Here is the selection I had sitting around my cabin this day. These were some of the best ones he made.

Towel Animal 1
Towel Animal 2
I am not sure what this one is exactly. Any thoughts?
Looks a bit like a rabbit sitting on its hind legs.
Towel Animal 3
Towel Animal 4
What do you think? A Frog?
This one was the one for tonight and is a monkey (as if you could not tell).

I think the monkey is a difficult one to make. There were a couple more before the end of the cruise. I have a picture of one more which I think is one of the most difficult to make but you will need to wait for the evening the ship departs Montevideo to see it.

So, the ship sailed on into the night with an anticipated 6:00AM arrival in Buenos Aires tomorrow morning.

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