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Vacation Day 15
Friday, February 6th
At Sea

Today is another one of those exciting days "At Sea". I did not take any pictures today but I did enjoy the ever warming temperature. At noon it was 59F or 15C and partly cloudy.

The first thing that happened was at 2:00AM this morning when the the clocks were turned ahead one hour. This is because Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil were still on their summer or daylight time. This will change again when I get to Rio de Janeiro and stay the two extra days after the cruise.

On and off during the day I worked on the web page for the crossing between Cape Horn and Antarctica (Vacation Day 9). I also attended the final lecture by our Ice Pilot, Captain Toomey explaining where we went in Antarctica and why. It was most interesting.

The other lecturers had transferred to the Prisendam yesterday in the Falkland Islands to be resource people for their cruise. They had their own Ice Pilot so ours did not need to go. Apparently there was a chance that the two ships would not meet in the Falkland Islands so, as our Ice Pilot said, you can do Antarctica without lecturers but you cannot do it without an Ice Pilot. I guess it is a requirement of either the Antarctic Treaty, or the Antarctica Tourism oversight group (or both) that every ship that goes there has an Ice Pilot. Based on what I saw, it makes sense. So, for that reason, they already had one and ours was free to continue on the Buenos Aires, where he left the ship and flew back to Kingston, Ontario where he lives. He was expecting to get home and need to shovel snow because nobody had been doing it for him during the two months he and his wife had been on the ship. He had been the Ice Pilot for all three of the Amsterdam's 20 day Antarctica cruises this year. I think he said they were in Antarctica on Christmas Day on the first cruise. It was like we were in Antarctica on Super Bowl Sunday only of much more importance.

Not much else happened so we shall continue on to tomorrow which is another day "At Sea". Thrilling Eh! I took some pictures so I will see what is there and hopefully make that page a bit more interesting than this one.

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