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Vacation 2004, Day 8.
Wednesday, November 3rd
Queen Mary 2, Day 3

Today, the weather begins to deteriorate as predicted. You will see some of this in the pictures below. First the Noon Navigation Report.

Here is the noon navigational information for Wednesday, November 3, 2004:

Latitude 48°.50" North, Longitude 43°.12" West
This is 385 NM (713 KM) East of St John, Newfoundland.
415 NM (768.5 KM) ENE of Cape Race, Newfoundland.
Course: Great Circle heading of 254° at 22 Knots (40.7 KPH).
Distance Traveled since Noon Yesterday: 611 NM (1131.5 KM). Average Speed: 24.5 Knots (43.37 KPH).
Distance Traveled since Southampton: 1651 NM (3057.65 KM). Average Speed: 24.9 Knots (46.11 KPH).
Distance to New York Pilot Station: 1420 NM (2629.8 KM).
Depth of water under the keel: 3000 Metres or approximately 9600 feet.

Approximate position based on information above.

Here is an image taken from QM2 TV showing the ships location at 9:49 AM this morning.
The round dot shows the present position

Weather Conditions
Overcast with poor visibility.
Air Temperature: 14 C or 57 F.
Sea Temperature: 20C or 68 F.
Barometer: 994.3 Millibars, or 99.4 Kpa. Tendency: Falling
Winds: Westerly at Force 8 on the Beaufort Scale or 35 Knots. (64.8 KPH)
Winds over the open decks: 7 Knots (12.9 KPH)
Sea Conditions: Rough with a moderate, easterly swell.

With the weather deteriorating most of the pictures today relate to this. I will try not to get too carried away with it.

This sea is what is called rough with a moderate swell.
More roughness.
These pictures were taken around 11:30 AM.
The ship handled these waves very well.
These 2 pictures were taken from what I think was deck 3. It could also have been deck 2. These are the lowest 2 decks that passengers can see out of. More to come tomorrow.
Later in the afternoon things briefly settled down enough to get these two sunset pictures. These were taken at approximately 4:40 PM. Sunset was at 4:32 PM local time.

Todays dining was called Informal which is described as "For Gentlemen jacket and tie. For the ladies, a cocktail dress or dressy pantsuit."

The weather only settled down briefly. It gets worse again tomorrow.

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