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Vacation 2004, Day 7.
Tuesday, November 2nd
Queen Mary 2, Day 2

With the tour of the ship mostly completed yesterday the pattern changes today. This day was mainly relaxation and eating. I also did a few walking laps around deck 7. Deck 7 is the only deck that goes all the way around the ship. This day was also US Election day. For the Noon Navigation Information the Captain had an American bridge office give the information. This was also why the ships present location was referenced to Washington D.C.

Here is the noon navigational information for Tuesday, November 2, 2004:

Latitude 50°.14" North, Longitude 27°.39" West
This is 2209 NM (4091 KM) ENE of Washington D.C.
Course: Great Circle heading of 266° at 24.7 Knots (45.7 KPH).
Distance Traveled since Noon Yesterday: 625 NM (1157.5 KM). Average Speed: 25.6 Knots (47.4 KPH).
Distance Traveled since Southampton: 1040 NM (1926.1 KM). Average Speed: 25.3 Knots (46.85 KPH).
Distance to New York Pilot Station: 2031 NM (3761.4 KM).
Depth of water under the keel: 2500 Metres or approximately 8000 feet.

Approximate position based on information above.

Weather Conditions
Partly Cloudy
Air Temperature: 12 C or 54 F.
Sea Temperature: 12C or 54 F.
Barometer: 1007.5 Millibars, or 100.7 Kpa. Tendency: Steady
Winds: Westerly at Force 5 on the Beaufort Scale or 19 Knots. (35 KPH)
Winds over the open decks: 41 Knots (75.9 KPH)
Sea Conditions: Moderate with a long, low swell.

The weather conditions were expected to deteriorate over the next few days.

During this report the Captain noted that we were crossing the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. This is the spot where the tectonic plates that make up the earths crust were moving apart at about 2 CM a year. That is making the North Atlantic 2 CM wider each year. The Captain didn't expect this movement to have any effect on our arrival time in New York.

With nothing specific on the schedule for today I spent some time wandering around the ship. Some of the pictures used on yesterdays tour of the ship were taken today. The winds across the open decks (almost 76 kilometres per hour) limited access to the upper and fore decks for today. I had hoped to get up to take some night pictures on the upper decks but todays winds prevented that. As it turned out the weather did get worse and I was never able to get those pictures.

Here are some pictures taken today.

This is the inside of the forward section of deck 7. Just outside the windows here are the spare propeller blades you saw in yesterdays tour. If you look closely the sign on the door says HIGH WIND. It was so windy that the metal door was bulging inwards from the pressure.
A view from my balcony showing the weather at 4:27 PM ships time. Deck 7 taken from my balcony on deck 9. Even with the high winds people were out there. Picture Group 3 from yesterday was taken from the deck showing in the very top of this picture.
Taken at 4:28 PM in a westerly/southwesterly direction from the balcony. Sunset was a 4:29 PM. This one was taken at 5:20 PM in basically the same direction as the previous one. This one from Deck 7.
One of the very few outside nighttime images taken.
This was a high up as anyone was able to get for most of the rest of the crossing due to winds and weather.

Dinner dress this evening was what Cunard calls Formal which is defined as "Tuxedo (alternatively a dark suit) for gentlemen. Evening gown or other appropriate attire for ladies." On the Formal nights the ships photographers can usually be found taking pictures of everyone seated at the tables in the various restaurants. Here is mine. Since this is another of the professional ones it should not be reproduced in any way.

Who is this character???

And we continue on to QM2 day 3.

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